Nova’s Kate, Tim & Marty: How Kate Ritchie beat PM Malcolm Turnbull

Kate and Tim were with the PM in the Sydney studio

On Nova’s Kate, Tim & Marty national drive show, Kate Ritchie beat Prime Minster Malcolm Turnbull in quick draw on the program on Tuesday afternoon.

Kate and Tim were with the PM in the Sydney studio, with Marty beaming in from the Melbourne studio.

Here is one of the exchanges during the appearance of our leader:

On Lucy being the PM’s best friend:

Malcolm: “We are best mates, we are each other’s best friend and I am always happiest when I am with her. She came into the office today actually and I could just feel myself lighting up, it was just so, so great.”

Tim: “How do your staff think about you’re always bringing your wife in?”

Followed by laughter Malcolm said:

Malcolm: “Everyone loves Lucy but she doesn’t come in often. She’s got a big job herself and her office is out in Parramatta so she’s in and out of the city for meetings but it’s always great to see her.”

Watch the whole exchange here.

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