Nova 100’s Meshel & Tommy in New Zealand

The Choice Tour: Day 1 with Nova 100’s Meshel & Tommy on week-long NZ camper van convoy

Nova 100’s Meshel & Tommy’s Choice Tour of New Zealand arrived on the South Island for their week-long NZ adventure yesterday.

Last night Meshel & Tommy’s 16 listeners joined the duo and their production team (EP Nick Daly, producer Liza Altarejos, panel op Kieran Simpson, integration team Kane Dempsey and Amanda Sedak) in Christchurch, and immediately immersed themselves in the local culture with a Maori Experience Interactive Performance and dinner including a traditional Hakka and kiwis.

Dempsey, Meshel & Tommy’s integration project manager, has spent many hours over the last few weeks planning an amazing trip for the tour. The convey of 11 camper vans will travel from Christchurch to Queenstown, through Timaru, Dunedin and Invercargill, with listeners taking in some of the country’s iconic attractions from cultural Maori traditions, to the Shotover Jet boat ride and also enjoying Meshel & Tommy’s penchant for the slightly unusual.

This morning as snow was falling outside, Nova 100’s Meshel & Tommy broadcast from a local radio station in Christchurch. The first song played today was the alternative NZ national anthem – Dave Dobbyn‘s “Slice Of Heaven”. The hosts were surprised at how the city is still impacted in parts by the 2001 earthquake. Tommy noted part of the town “looks like The Walking Dead set”.

Photos: Meshel and Tommy, the campers and the camper vans.

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