Nielsen and Adsquare announce Australian data partnership

Nielsen Adsquare

• Adsquare makes Nielsen data actionable through its self-service Audience Management Platform

Nielsen and Adsquare have announced a data partnership in Australia, enabling businesses to leverage premium data to reach audiences at the right mobile moments, in a privacy-friendly way.

Nielsen currently supplies the online programmatic ecosystem with owned and operated audience data and insight into consumers, making audience segments available for activation across a number of different online marketing channels including display, video, native, and audio. What makes Nielsen’s audience data unique is the breadth and depth of categories, highlights of which include media habits, attitudes, psychographics, lifestyle and purchase intention of Australian audiences sourced through the Nielsen Consumer & Media View survey, as well as an extensive amount of behavioural intent and interest data sourced from Nielsen’s publisher network.

Adsquare makes Nielsen data actionable through its self-service Audience Management Platform AMP, a tool that gives advertisers access to multiple data dimensions for planning, targeting, and measurement. Adsquare gives full transparency for audience creation, data buying, and activation – via Adsquare’s pre-bid integrations with global leading DSPs – for more precise campaigns and higher ROI. Adsquare’s data-driven marketing solutions and Nielsen’s data are based on privacy-by-design principles and are fully compliant with privacy legislation and regulations, such as GDPR, a key asset in today ́s privacy-first advertising ecosystem.

By leveraging Adsquare’s granular visit data and top-quality places data combined with Nielsen’s intent and preference data, clients are able to create geo-behavioral audience segments, available on Adsquare’s AMP as Place Visits. By attributing past visits to precise 2D polygons of buildings, advertisers can better reach audiences with a specific brand affinity or intent for purchase. For example, auto brands can bolster their media campaigns by targeting SUV intenders who have visited competing car dealerships.

“Advertisers want to rely on sophisticated data and streamline the buying and activation process of such data to reach highly-profiled audiences and optimise their spend effortlessly. Making Nielsen ́s intelligence available to them will certainly revolutionize their marketing approach.” stated Jason Podgoetsky, sales director, Australia, and New Zealand at Adsquare.

“This partnership creates a unique opportunity for marketers looking to combine premium, unique consumer data with location based targeting capabilities, providing clients with the highest level of consumer intelligence and helping them optimise their advertising investments” said Jonathan Betts, executive director, commercial growth and product strategy, Nielsen.

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