News Corp still #1 as the country’s largest publisher

13 million people, or 70%, read newspapers in August

A total of 13.1 million Australians, or 70% of the population, read news media on digital platforms such as smartphones, tablets, mobiles or PCs, according to the latest emma™ (Enhanced Media Metrics Australia) data for August 2017.

Across all platforms, including print, news media was read by 16.7 million people, or 90%, of the population.

In print 13 million people, or 70%, read newspapers.

Metro newspapers were read by 10.8 million people, or 58% of consumers, over the same period. National news media was read by 2.4 million, or 13% of Australians.

Regional and community news media brands were read by 6.8 million people, or 36% of the population during August. A total of 3.1 million people (or 17% aged 14+), read regional newspapers, while community newspapers were read by 3.8 million (or 20% aged 14+).

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