New MD David Borean discusses the vision for Brand New Media

Brand New Media MD David Borean: “We want to be where brands turn to for expertise on how to create content”

By James Manning

The chief executive officer of Brand New Media (BNM), Perry Smith, will be hoping for a longer tour of duty from his new managing director David Borean than the last time he appointed an MD. Smith previously appointed then MCM Entertainment CEO and MD Simon Joyce to the role in mid-2014, but then just seven months later, Joyce handed in his resignation after putting together the deal for his own agency, Emotive.

Borean has been working at Waterfront Entertainment Marketing for the last four years as a managing partner. Waterfront was acquired by Brand New Media in July 2014, taking 51% with the partners retaining the other 49%. “Since then we have effectively been Brand New Media’s entertainment and marketing pillar, particularly in the area of talent and large entertainment assets like A Day On The Green,” Borean told Mediaweek. “Recently we worked with the Dainty Corporation to secure the commercial partners for Oprah Winfrey’s tour in December.”

Borean was a partner with Sean Pickwell in the Waterfront business. Although the partners still operate in a JV with Brand New Media, Borean will look at ways to integrate Waterfront even more than in the past.

With Borean stepping into the MD role, CEO and the founder of Brand New Media Perry Smith will be stepping back and taking on a more global focus. “We have a growing business in Asia based in Singapore which is doing some wonderful work in the region – particularly in the area of content marketing and branded content for large companies. We also have a big production business in Los Angeles. This allows Perry to step out of the day-to-day operation of the Australian business and focus on the global growth of Brand New Media.

“He will be able to deal with the relationships in the international business where we have significant partners in broadcast and on the client side.”

One ambition is to make sure we
become known as the leading content marketing company
in Australia and New Zealand.

Borean also takes a seat on the Brand New Media global executive team, representing the Australian and New Zealand businesses. “But my key role is to make sure we have an absolute focus on ANZ as a growth platform for Brand New Media. We are still very much a pioneering business in Australia – pioneering content marketing and the understanding of content marketing and how it affects brands moving into the space.

My major motivation stepping into this role is that content marketing is such a growth area within the marketing mix. Brands now are looking for partners to help them tell better stories in market. Storytelling through video and through digital and how that impacts consumers and how consumers relate to that story on behalf of the brand is what we do.”

Asked about the upside still for BNM in Australia, Borean said they will focus on their key point of difference. “One ambition is to make sure we become known as the leading content marketing company in Australia and New Zealand. We want to be where brands turn to for expertise on how to create content that is compelling, informative and connects with audiences.

“We want to give brands the opportunity to understand they can become their own broadcasters – this is where the real shift in the market is occurring. Brands taking ownership of their own content – we are still in the infancy of that journey.

“Brand New Media has a platform that has been developed over many years called channelPLAY which is a platform helping brands publish and monetise their content over time. Our vision is to helps brands on that journey.”

The content marketing space is a little more competitive than when Perry Smith and Brand New Media first launched. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, explained Borean.

“Perry’s track record speaks for itself after nearly 20 years in branded content. What the business has done is set itself up for the future. We understand the changing nature of what marketers want in terms of audience interaction.”

One of the company’s better known platforms is 4ME. (See above for more too.)

“Setting up a multichannel digital network like 4ME is a big undertaking. That is now a content hub that attracts marketers who want to work in very specific verticals like food, health, auto or business. That is a massive undertaking and it has already been built.

There is no one else who can offer that type of mutichannel digital hub that is owned by Brand New Media. We are also able to optimise and amplify audiences for brands that are looking to utilise their content. There are many brands that have content they push onto YouTube or Vimeo or other big platforms. They are hoping that audiences find the content. We have expertise to allow those brands to better connect with audiences.”

Borean noted that Seven continues to be a very important strategic partner with Brand New Media. “The 4ME channel gives Brand New Media and its clients huge cross-promotional opportunities and there is certainly more we can do there. We also work in partnership with TVNZ which has been long-standing and just last week we were working on the plan for the next 12 months in New Zealand.”

The staff at Brand New Media staff in Australia numbers close to 80 across all divisions with another 25 in Asia and then more too in the US.

Pull: “We want to be where brands turn to for expertise on how to create content”

[blockquote style=”3″]CV: David Borean

Starting his life in advertising agencies, Borean initially worked at Connaghan & May and then DDB Needham. He later moved to Austereo to work in sales. He then stepped back from media and launched a professional learning and development business called Talkforce. Borean returned to the media as general manager of the Nova Sydney stations and then joined Sean Pickwell at Waterfront. “I have always interacted with media publishers and broadcasters plus media agencies and media suppliers. It’s been a passion of mine for many years.”[/blockquote]

[blockquote style=”3″]Perry Smith on his new MD: “David has a depth of experience and credentials in both the entertainment marketing and communications space, and a intimate knowledge of the Brand New Media business and its offerings. His commercial acumen and strong track record make him the ideal person to lead our business into the next phase of its evolution.”[/blockquote]

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