Netflix’s month-on-month growth rate halves for the first time in August

SVOD: Is Netflix really in 855,000 homes reaching 2.2m 14+? How 78% choose Netflix

855,000 Australian homes (9.3%) now have Netflix – that’s over 2.2 million people 14+ with access to the US streaming giant, the August video on-demand household subscription data from Roy Morgan Research indicates.

However growth is slowing: Netflix increased by 118,000 subscribing homes in August – the lowest net gain since its first full month of local operations in April. It’s the first time Netflix gained less than in the month before: it previously grew by 133,000 homes in May, 152,000 in June and 166,000 in July.

The number of Netflix homes doubled in the first two months, growing by 100% from 286,000 in April to 571,000 in June. But rising to 855,000 over the next two months means the growth rate halved to around 50%.

Roy Morgan Netflix

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