Netflix and YouTube remain top choice for Australian audiences: YouGov

YouGov - Netflix and YouTube

The YouGov research revealed that 68% of Netflix users also used at least one other streaming platform.

Netflix and YouTube remain the dominant streaming platforms for Australian viewers; however, Disney+ and Amazon Prime are gaining ground, according to new research.

The findings from YouGov Living Consumer Intelligence data prepared for Netflix revealed that 68% of Australian viewers report they have access to Netflix in their households. 

The global streaming platform is closely followed by other international giants, such as YouTube (63%), Disney+ (38%), and Amazon Prime (34%).  Australian platforms followed with Stan (23%), Foxtel (19%), Binge (15%) and Paramount+ (14%) and behind those were Apple TV (17%) and BritBox (4%). 

The research revealed that 68% of Netflix users also used at least one other streaming platform, while 28% opted against Netflix in favour of other sites, and 6% only used Netflix.

The findings coincide with the launch of Hubbl, Foxtel’s attempt to ease the hassle of managing multiple streaming subscriptions by bringing 18 apps together on one streaming device.

Hubbl, which was unveiled last night in Sydney, will enable users to access Foxtel apps Kayo, Binge, Flash and Lifestyle, alongside Netflix, Disney+, Amazon, Stan and Paramount+, among others.  

The YouGov findings showcase Australia’s growing appetite for streaming services, with viewers spending approximately 13.6 hours a week streaming shows and films.

The research also revealed that Australian viewers estimate they spend approximately $240 a year on streaming services, which equates to an estimated $1.27 billion fan economy.  

The research provided insights into the different audience preferences with parents or guardians with children under 18 living at home were more likely to cite Apple TV, whereas non-parents or guardians are more likely to cite YouTube (67% compared to 57%) and Stan (27% compared to 18%) as their preferred streaming platform. 

Viewers with household incomes above $150k are more likely to cite Disney+ (23%), while viewers with household incomes above $100k but below $150k are more likely to cite Netflix (81%).  

Half (49%) of Australian viewers admit to watching Netflix under unusual circumstances – such as on the toilet or at a funeral – with 21% admitting they watch Netflix while on the loo. 

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