San Remo releases first work with Emotive, revamps 23-year-old ‘We’re Family’ brand platform for next generation

San Remo pasta releases first work with Emotive

“It’s classic brand building.”

Australian pasta brand San Remo has launched its first work with Emotive since appointing the independent creative agency in February 2023.

With rice and noodle consumption on the up and new, low-cost entrants in the pasta market, the brand felt it needed to step away from its familiar image as the “red one” or “the pasta mum bought,” in order to stay relevant to changing tastes of new generations.

The work also marks the first time 88-year old, fourth generation family-owned business, has pivoted from its ‘We’re Family’ brand platform in 23 years.

The latest ad, slates to go live in March across broadcast, cinema, OOH, YouTube, social and digital, sees a disconnected and distracted family pulled together by a pasta dinner in a scene that will be equal parts familiar and reassuring to families with children.

Said Hugh McIntosh, marketing manager, San Remo: “When you’re lucky enough to have the same brand platform for 20-plus years, you don’t want to rip up everything and start again. But we did want to remind Australians why they love San Remo. Emotive understood immediately, delivering a timeless truth, told in a new way, targeting a mass audience including light and non-buyers. It’s classic brand building.

Darren Wright, group creative director, Emotive said: “Getting the family around the dinner table is far from easy in our hectic screen-filled worlds. One thing that can help is sticking a big bowl of something tasty in the middle of it and watch as the hungry come running. Or in this case, watching as they get magically pulled together by the allure of a delicious bowl of San Remo pasta.”

Also recently, former co-founder and executive creative director of Poem, Matt Holmes, took on a new role as head of public relations (PR) and earned creative at Emotive, bolstering its integrated ‘fame’ offering.

Holmes who co-founded independent creative PR and social agency Poem with Rob Lowe, announced his departure in October of last year, 2023. He exited the agency following a sale of his 50% of the business.

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