CEO Nazar Musa on Medical Channel’s rebrand to Medical Media

“We have become much more of a media company focusing on the health space”

Australia’s largest and fastest-growing digital health media network, Medical Channel, has launched a major rebranding campaign that will see it change its name to Medical Media and offer new content.

The rebranding includes:

• A change in the name of the business to better reflect the work Medical Media does.

• New look and feel to the brand, including a new logo and a complete upgrade of the content on screens relevant to both medical staff (placed in clinic staff rooms) and patient waiting rooms.

Medical Media CEO Nazar Musa said it was time to rebrand in order to reflect the company’s identity as a media and content provider.

“The business is now five years old and, when we started, the name Medical Channel was relevant as our focus was on our launch into the medical world with a new channel,” he said.

“However, as we’ve grown our relationship with both the medical community and the advertising community, we have become much more of a media company focusing on the health space, and now the time has come to reflect that change in our branding.”

Medical Media’s new offering will include more video content, and will have a segmented loop to rotate lifestyle, entertainment, weather, sport, landscape and “fun and engaging” content, such as quizzes, beautiful landscapes and accessible news updates.

The rebrand follows a successful year which saw Medical Media raise $25 million in September 2016, with which Medical Media acquired rival digital signage firm Community Network.

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