National radio audience and Duncan Campbell on ARN

• Nova claimed to be Australia’s #1 metro network in share 8.9% and cume 3,512,000

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National audiences

Nova claimed to be Australia’s #1 metro network in share 8.9% and cume 3,512,000 – 401,500 listeners ahead of its nearest competitor.

Nova’s Kate, Tim & Marty was named the #1 national drive show (4-6pm) in share 11.1% and cume 1,543,700 for 19th consecutive survey.

Nova’s Smallzy’s Surgery celebrated 46 consecutive wins as the #1 national nights show in share 9.6% and cume 811,000.

SCA is claiming the biggest national radio audience via its metro and regional reach.

“The SCA audio stack talks to 5,228,000 people every week – the biggest national audience,” said the broadcaster after the release of the survey results.

SCA gets to the 5m+ figure with aggregated FM and digital radio reach:

4,500,000 listen to SCA FM network
323,000 listen to both SCA FM and digital
348,000 listen only to SCA digital network

ARN claimed a network share increase to 16.2%. “While this makes ARN the #2 national network, we’re only 0.1% away from the #1 position,” said national content director Duncan Campbell.

ARN’s hot spots

Highlight across the markets for ARN was the return of the FM breakfast duopoly in Sydney with K&J and J&A #1 and #2 respectively.

Jonesy and Amanda recovered along with the station. “The cume for the station remains very solid and the WSFM is recovering from having taken a little bit of a hit last book. You can never write off such a strong station with a heritage breakfast show,” Campbell told Mediaweek.

Both the top two Melbourne FM drive shows are music only with single announcers – Gavin Miller at Gold is #2 with Byron Webb at smoothfm now #2.

Will and Woody are now #2 FM drive in Sydney: “They have done very well in Sydney this book.”

Both ARN stations in Melbourne were up. Campbell: “Christian O’Connell has moved ahead of Eddie McGuire which is notable halfway through the football season. Gold is just behind smoothfm and it has a cume above 1m again.

“KIIS 101.1 had its best station cume in five years. We have done some heavy marketing and cume is up 100,000 overall and 60,000 in breakfast. Cume precedes share and we now have to convert the cume. KIIS has also done well across the workday. In our plan to get breakfast share up we have had a really good positive sign in this survey.”

Brisbane – some of AM share was off the Richter radio scale – 4BC with 7.6% (9.4% in breakfast) and 4KQ with 9.3 (9.1% in breakfast).

Of ARN’s FM performance, Campbell said: “We are very happy in Brisbane because we have done a lot of work on 97.3. For us to be more competitive is great news. There are just 1.5 share points between first and fourth. There is obviously more to do though.”

Like KIIS, 96FM is a work in progress, and Campbell pointed to a modest growth in cume to 365,000. “The goal is to get cume above 400,000 and we are working closely with Gary Roberts.”

New MD Gary Roberts is back in town this week and he and the ARN will soon start analysing recent market research.

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