Music and heritage a good mix for ARN

“Music has always been critical and I have never said otherwise”

Duncan Campbell

ARN national content director Duncan Campbell told Mediaweek that while smoothfm is a reminder of how critical music is for an FM station, he said it was something always foremost in his plans. “Music has always been critical and I have never said otherwise. Some people dismiss its importance and want to focus on the rest of the content. The mistake some people make is, because people can get music from multiple sources, that it is no longer relevant. What music does is lay a foundation for a station which is critical. You have to acknowledge what Nova Entertainment has done with the smoothfm brand. But look too at our success with Gold in Melbourne which also does very well.”

After the signing of Kyle and Jackie O to new record Australian entertainment industry contracts, Campbell said heritage breakfast shows are critical and very powerful to secure good ratings. “We are lucky to have heritage breakfast shows in Brisbane, Adelaide and Melbourne. If you look around the world the big #1 stations are dominated by heritage breakfast shows that have been around a long time.”

Jamie Dunn left B105 way too soon!

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