MOVE calls out for expressions of interest for 2.0 data integration


Elizabeth McIntyre: “we are excited about the potential of our data to improve the systems and outcomes of a variety of businesses”

MOVE (Measurement of Outdoor Visibility and Exposure) is calling for expressions of interest (EOI) from data research organisations and/or media data software vendors currently serving (or having an interest in serving) Out of Home (OOH) advertisers, their agencies and/or OOH contractors, for the purpose of integrating MOVE data into their own products and software.

In this process, the outdoor Industry measurement company seeks to make the data gathered as part of its new measurement platform, MOVE 2.0, as broadly available and as useful as possible, to both its customers and MOVE members.

In so doing, it seeks EOI’s from organisations with syndicated research and audience insights products and/or media data software platforms, for this next stage of the MOVE 2.0 development.

MOVE 2.0 will launch in 2024 as the industry’s new world-first audience measurement system, providing data for over 100,000 signs nationwide, including regional. The platform is being built using mobility data from one of the largest surveys ever undertaken in Australia, by the outdoor Industry measurement company and Ipsos Australia.

It is intended that by integrating this data:

1. Syndicated audience research and consumer product data providers may improve the accuracy of their offering by integrating the highest quality, currency-level MOVE 2.0 OOH data with their existing datasets, while making it more generally accessible to industry participants.

2. Media planning and buying software vendors may improve the utility and functionality of their products by integrating MOVE 2.0 OOH data onto their platforms, while making it more generally accessible to industry participants.

Elizabeth McIntyre, OMA and MOVE CEO, said: “Our commitment to the transparency and accuracy of OOH campaign measurement has been underwritten with over $20M of investment into the development of MOVE 2.0. As we start on our final phase of the build, we are excited about the potential of our data to improve the systems and outcomes of a variety of businesses.”

Kylie Green, OMA and MOVE general manager, said: “MOVE 2.0 will launch with a powerful software solution to provide functionality for managing media plans, including the creation, editing, and export of media plans and analytics. It will allow plans to be created for multiple campaigns and offers comparisons and aggregated results.

“While this will be highly capable, we know that our customers making use of MOVE 2.0 may already be utilising software that is their preferred way of interacting with media data. Providing the data to interact with their systems is an additional step to ensure the success of MOVE 2.0.”

Companies with the capability and interest to deliver outcomes in either point 1 and/or 2 (above) are invited to connect with our team to receive the EOI Scope document here.

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