Wednesday November 8, 2023

weare8 lizzie young
“The days of endless reach are numbered” WeAre8’s Lizzie Young on attention metrics and building stickiness while doing good

By Danielle Long

“Getting that balance of rebooking and new is really critical”

WeAre8, the sustainable social media platform which pays users to watch ads, has reached around 100,000 users in its first year of operation in Australia as new advertisers grow, alongside rebookings and campaign sizes.

Australian CEO Lizzie Young says the app’s unique experience has achieved a model of “incredible attention versus other social media platforms,” which is leading to a strong balance of new and returning advertisers using the platform. Among those returning are heavyweights such as Unilever and American Express – which is running its fourth campaign on the app.

“Getting that balance of rebooking and new is really critical,” says Young. “What’s exciting for us is that average deal sizes are up, average campaign size that we can deliver in any one month is up. “We’ve got clients now who are on their fourth campaign with us, we’ve got some clients that are always-on with us. We’re still always trying to bring on new clients to help test and learn. And we think we’ve got a really nice spread now.”


Young credits the app’s high attention metrics – WeAre8 ads achieve 4.7x the average attention than other social apps, according to Scope3 data – along with the brand’s sustainable positioning and mission to do good.

“We’re seeing great results all the way through the marketing funnel, both at top line, brand building, as well as conversion. And of course, those business results and key metrics happen, whilst also delivering more ethical, sustainable media strategies which are carbon neutral and help brands deliver on ESG goals.”

Young says the conversation around brands behaving sustainably has evolved, as evidenced by the market and moves like SBS positioning as an ESG media buy.

We’ve moved through the phase of understanding the problem, and I think now we’re in the phase of exploring the quick things that we can just get done. And next comes looking at the longer term path. I do think that the time of looking at the entire way a brand behaves in terms of sustainability is coming and not that far away.

“I feel it won’t be a novelty that brands have good ESG metrics and strategies in the not too distant future.”

“I was on a call with a global brand and their positioning is that the days of endless reach are numbered, if not over. The relationship that a brand builds with a consumer is much more important, and creating that stickiness between them. And that’s certainly what we’re seeing when we ask people at the end of the advertising experience, what they thought of, or questions about the brand, they do feel closer to the brand, because of that relationship.”

WeAre8 launched into the US earlier this year adding to its UK and Australian operations. Globally the app has more than 1.5 million users and has big ambitions to hit 8 million in Q2 of 2024, with the US market to be a strong driver of that growth.“

“Everything is pointing in the right direction and we’re certainly seeing the growth out of the US support that support that number,” says Young.

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Top Image: Lizzie Young

Free TV Australia
“It’s a matter of choice”: Free TV Australia and Seven West Media research finds Australians want accessible free TV

Bridget Fair: “Viewers should be able to easily find all the services they want and then decide”

Research by Free TV Australia and Seven West Media has found Australians want free TV services to be easily accessible.

This comes as subscription TV and free-to-air media companies go head to head over how their streaming service apps are displayed on smart televisions as the government prepares to take action on how Australians view content.

The industry body said that eight in ten Australians want to be able to easily find free TV services on connected TV sets and do not believe local free TV service providers should have to pay a TV manufacturer to secure a prominent position on the home screen.

Bridget Fair, Free TV CEO, said: “Australians know that they are not being given a fair go when it comes to the services they are offered on their connected TVs. They are worried that instead of being offered the local TV services they want to watch, they are being steered in the direction of services that favour the commercial interests of big tech and TV manufacturers.”

“It’s a matter of choice, and the choice should be made by the viewer. It’s not choice if your TV is set up to deliberately make it hard to find your local TV channels. Viewers should be able to easily find all the services they want and then decide.

“Claims by Foxtel that the Government is trying to control your viewing or limit search results are utterly misleading. This whole issue is about putting the viewer in full control, not being served up incomplete viewing choices based on who has paid the most money to be in the line-up,” she said.

New research from Free TV reveals widespread support for ensuring all Australians can access free TV services on connected TVs. The research comes as the Albanese government moves ahead with its plan to legislate a “prominence” law that makes sure local free-to-air TV services can easily be found on television devices.

The survey of 2,075 people conducted by Free TV and Seven West Media found 78% of people with connected TV sets believe it is important they can easily find free TV services. Only 8% said it was not important.

Other key findings from the research includes 84% of people wanting to receive a free service option before the paid option when they are looking for something to watch. It also noted that 81% of people did not agree with the idea that local free TV services should have to pay a TV manufacturer for visibility on the home screen.

The data also found that 81% said commercial interests should not dictate where TV services appear on a connected TV.

The research also highlighted that most people do not customise their connected TV home screen because they are not confident about being able to do it. It noted that most rely on TV manufacturers to do it for them at that 83% of people think a connected TV should come with free services already installed.

Fair said: “The research clearly shows overwhelming consumer support for prominence.

“Free-to-air TV is built on universal free access for all Australians to news, sport and other culturally important content. But to continue creating the moments that unite the nation, Australians have to be able to find it. And that is under serious threat. Our local free TV services are becoming increasingly hard to find on connected TVs, with deep-pocketed foreign giants buying the best real estate.

“Our local free TV services are delivered to all Australians for free. Free TV networks invest billions in fresh and unique content each year and they need to reach millions of Australians each day to generate the advertising revenue that keeps those services free.

But TV manufacturers want to charge local TV providers up to 30% of revenue just to be present on the TV screen. That money would come directly out of Australian content,” she said.

“To protect Australian stories and the services that make them and to continue experiencing moments like the Matildas’ stunning FIFA Women’s World Cup campaign, we need to protect Australians’ ability to find them. It’s what the people want.”

The Trade Desk and Circana
The Trade Desk and Circana partner to strengthen retail data in Australia

James Bayes: “This partnership underscores our commitment to diversifying our retail data offerings”

The Trade Desk has partnered with Circana, an advisor on consumer behaviour (previously known as IRI and The NPD Group), to bring and bolster authenticated audience targeting and multi-retailer measurement solutions to the advertising technology platform.

The partnership is the first time the demand-side platform has collaborated directly with Circana in Australia.

Brands and media agencies using The Trade Desk can expect to benefit from store-level data analysis across Australian retailers, including major groceries and pharmacies, as well as prominent petrol and convenience stores.

The partnership allows marketers to conduct an analysis that compares in-store sales of store locations where ads are deployed to similar store locations where they are not, as well as receive a sales uplift comparison analysis as part of their post-campaign reporting.

Advertisers will be able to measure how their omnichannel digital campaigns are driving real-world sales across multiple retailers while providing deep insights into campaign effectiveness for future campaign optimisation.

James Bayes, vice president ANZ at The Trade Desk, said: “What sets this partnership apart is the ability for brands to measure the incremental impact of their omnichannel campaigns across multiple retailers, an approach growing in importance as brands embrace a holistic approach to shaping their marketing strategies.

“This partnership underscores our commitment to diversifying our retail data offerings, and pushing the boundaries of what advertisers can achieve in the realm of data-driven advertising.”

Alistair Leathwood
, head of analytics, Insights and Media, APAC, at Circana, said: “There’s a growing demand from our clients to measure their omnichannel campaigns. This is why we chose to partner with The Trade Desk, the global leader in retail data solutions. This collaboration will empower our clients to fully harness the potential of their campaigns.”
In addition to multi-retailer measurement solutions, the partnership enables advertisers to target audience at scale based on modelled propensity to purchase data from Circana’s extensive consumer panel.

Initiative - Ryan Haeusler, Chris Colter and Emma Greenhalgh
Initiative strengthens planning offering with Ryan Haeusler and Emma Greenhalgh’s promotions

Chris Colter: “I can’t wait to see them create the next era of Initiative”

Initiative has bolstered its planning offering by creating a national head of communications design role and promoting Ryan Haeusler to the position.

The agency’s planning offering is further strengthened by Emma Greenhalgh, who steps into the role of Sydney head of communications design. 

Chris Colter, chief strategy and product officer, said he couldn’t be prouder to recognise the talents of two of the agency’s most outstanding team members and expand their remit further across the agency and their clients.

“Ryan and Emma are two fiercely intelligent, collaborative and creative craft leaders and have been the driving force behind a lot of Initiative’s success and the success of our clients.

“They have a proven track record in making the impossible possible, in architecting some of the most integrated, innovative and most importantly effective work for our clients and designing new planning solutions that keep us on the top of our game. I can’t wait to see them create the next era of Initiative,” he added.

Haeusler joined the agency in 2015 and most recently held the role of Sydney head of communications design. He notably spearheaded the LEGO account in media planning for the AUNZ marketplace.

Haeusler said of his promotion: “I’m thrilled to be extending my remit into the Melbourne and Perth markets, and to get access to all the amazing people and clients that come with it. Initiative has always put a major focus on strategic media planning as a craft, so I’m super excited to see what Emma and I can build (and break) to make it even better.”

Greenhalgh, who was previously communications design director, IAG, steps into Haeusler’s former role and will remain leading the planning across the IAG portfolio.

Greenhalgh said: “Initiative’s culture encourages high achievers to aim for the top, and I love the fast-paced environment.  Ryan’s shoes are big one’s to fill but I am confident I can bring new perspectives to the role and continue to help our clients stay ahead of their competitors via an enhanced comms design offering and thought leadership.”

Both promotions are effective immediately. Greenhalgh reports to Haeusler who will now report directly to Colter.

Top image: Ryan Haeusler, Chris Colter and Emma Greenhalgh

Wavemaker - Peter Grose and Justin Arlt
Wavemaker restructures marketplace leadership with Peter Grose and Justin Arlt

Philippa Noilea-Tani: “Pete and Justin bring greater vertical expertise and leadership in both implementation planning and trading”

GroupM agency Wavemaker has restructured its marketplace leadership to better deliver outcomes for clients through a future-focused national leadership structure across implementation planning and investment.

Peter Grose, Sydney head of marketplace, has been promoted to national head of marketplace planning, charged with bringing vertical expertise and excellence to implementation planning.

With close to two decades of experience across trading, investment and planning, he has played a leading role in transforming Wavemaker’s media relationships at all levels. His new role recognises the strength of his relationships, experience and commitment to elevate and future-proof Wavemaker’s implementation planning capabilities.

In addition, Justin Arlt joins Wavemaker as the national head of marketplace trading and is charged with national trading and activation excellence. Arlt was previously the head of partnerships at Initiative Melbourne and known for his technical expertise, media relationships and his focus on supporting the learning and development of his team.

Grose and Arlt will lead the agency’s national Marketplace team, consisting of more than 80 people across Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide and Brisbane.

They report to chief investment officer Philippa Noilea-Tani who said: “In their new roles, Pete and Justin bring greater vertical expertise and leadership in both implementation planning and trading, which better reflects the changing and varied scope of the Marketplace function.

“This is a genuine step change in how Wavemaker connects with media partners and how we deliver consistent excellence and positively provoke growth for clients.”

Grose added: “In a rapidly changing media landscape, it is important we go beyond the expected to find new, creative solutions to deliver better outcomes for brands. I’m thrilled to be taking on a national remit and to be working closely with Justin to ensure we drive best-in-class processes and improved ways of working across our Marketplace team.”

Arlt said: “I’m delighted to be joining the talented team at Wavemaker and excited by the task of elevating our relationships with media partners to deliver positively provocative work for the brands we work with.”

Top image: Peter Grose and Justin Arlt

Boomtown belong
Belong boosts regional media investment after brand awareness jumps +20%

“It’s critical to rethink regional audiences”

Belong, the mobile and internet service provider, says brands need to “rethink regional audiences” as it increases its regional media spend by 30%.

Belong is boosting its investment in a bid to target underserved audiences after a targeted hyperlocal campaign in key regional markets delivered a 20% increase in brand awareness.

Belong’s head of product and marketing Aaliah Eggins-Bryson said regional audiences were responsive to advertising that was “specifically tailored to them, that considers their needs”.

“From a business perspective, we see a lot of opportunity in terms of growth and capturing new demand in new markets. Everything we have done to date has been really positive and beneficial, firstly to test it out, and secondly, to roll that into our BAU, communications and targeting strategy.

“It’s critical to rethink regional audiences and it’s crucial for bands to find ways to get their messages to them,” said Eggins-Bryson.


Belong’s regional campaign focused on areas including Cairns, Newcastle, Wollongong, and Darwin, and aimed to drive sales, brand awareness and share of voice in regional areas.

It resulted in an uplift in five of the eight target markets and delivered key business operations insights particularly regarding areas where network coverage could be improved.

The results follow a recent campaign push by Boomtown, the regional media collaboration, which aims to encourage marketers to invest in regional media.Brian Gallagher, chairman, Boomtown, said Belong’s “significant” campaign results highlight the “wealth of opportunity in Boomtown for brands that want to grow their audience and increase market share. Regional audiences are ready and waiting for new businesses and for campaigns that speak directly to them”.

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Clemenger BBDO MADE THIS press shot
Clemenger BBDO taps Vinne Schifferstein Vidal to lead MADE THIS production company

Vinne Schifferstein Vidal: “You couldn’t wish for a better base to build from.”

Clemenger BBDO has launched MADE THIS, a specialised production company focusing on both craft and innovation. The relaunched business expands Clems’ existing 60-person team at eg+ by adding new members, utilising automation and AI to create smarter production techniques and content at scale while maintaining the craft to engage audiences.

Clemenger has made investments in securing production talent to continue the work they are known for, serving Clemenger BBDO, other Clemenger Group agencies, and direct clients. Creative production innovator Vinne Schifferstein Vidal has joined as managing director, bringing experience from Media.Monks’ content business and overseeing projects for BMW/MINI across 29 markets in Europe.

Vidal said, “When I got the call from Clems and met with Dani, I immediately knew this was the perfect fit. It’s all I’ve done for the Monks, but then for a well-established brand in-market, with the best creative talent in the country. You couldn’t wish for a better base to build from.”

Iain Todd, general manager operations, played a pivotal role in advocating for the production opportunity within Clemenger BBDO. Also joining the founding team is Ainslee Littlemore, previously from Entropico.

Additionally, Jay Topping, appointed as director of film and technology, brings his background in post-production and film direction, such as contributing to the game project ‘Macabre,’ showcased at SXSW Sydney.

Topping commented, “MADE THIS isn’t just about producing content. It’s about setting a new standard for storytelling where technology meets artistry.”

Further appointments include Callum Smit and Tom Stephens.

CEO Dani Bassil emphasized the significance of these hires, noting their talent, energy, and attitude, aligning with the company’s drive to revolutionize production with intelligence and efficiency while preserving craftsmanship.

Bassil expressed, “Production is a game changer – the engine that manifests everything marketers need, turning it from idea to reality. These hires are more than epic for us as a business – the amount of talent here is inspiring. They are also all really cool humans with the energy and attitude to move at pace as we revolutionise production with smarts and speed without sacrificing craft.

“By firmly planting the stake at the forefront of innovation, MADE THIS will help marketers leverage everything tech to automate and improve workflows and asset production and differentiate themselves from competitors.”

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Ant Simmons Hilary + Badger Ogilvy ANZ
Ogilvy ANZ welcomes Ant Simmons as group creative director for Melbourne team

Ant Simmons: “It’s great to have a strong working relationship already established”

Ogilvy ANZ has announced the addition of Ant Simmons to their Melbourne team as group creative director.

Simmons comes from Heartland, an independent agency where he held the role of founder. Prior to this, Simmons served as the creative director at Clemenger BBDO Melbourne, where he spearheaded integrated campaigns across both traditional and non-traditional formats. 

Ogilvy Melbourne ECD Hilary Badge noted, “Ant brings a world-class platform thinking coupled with global ambition. His exceptional ideas and craft skills further strengthen our robust team.

“His prowess as a creative leader fosters growth not just for our clients but for our team members. As a mentor, he’s committed to nurturing the career development of our existing talents and new Ogilvy joiners.”

Reflecting on his decision to join Ogilvy, Simmons commented, “I had the pleasure of working alongside Hilary for many years at Clemenger Melbourne, and it’s great to have a strong working relationship already established. Hil has provided an excellent environment to deliver exceptional work for Australia’s and the world’s most notable clients.”

Apart from his agency background, Simmons’ has previously been selected for the US Embassy’s Entrepreneurialism & Innovation program. As the sole Australian representative for the IVLP International Leadership Program, he engaged with entrepreneurial leaders in the US, gaining insights into start-up ecosystems across cities like San Francisco, Austin, Chicago, and Washington DC.

This appointment of Ant Simmons as group creative director stands in addition to the strategic moves made by Ogilvy ANZ this year. Earlier announcements include Clark Edwards joining as joint Sydney ECD with Bridget Jung, the promotion of Miriam Wells to chief creative officer at Ogilvy PR, and the appointment of Nina East to the newly created role of group creative director of Ogilvy Health. Hilary Badger was appointed as Melbourne ECD in January.

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Simmons assumes the role of group creative director with immediate effect.

Top Image: Ant Simmons & Hilary Badger

Claxon - Danny Molyneux and Daniel Willis
Claxon promotes chief strategy officer Danny Molyneux to general manager

Danny Molyneux: “I can’t wait to help guide the agency through its next phase of growth”

Claxon has promoted its chief strategy officer, Danny Molyneaux, to the newly created role of general manager, effective immediately.

The promotion marks the commencement of the independent agency’s leadership succession plan, which will see Molyneux continue to work alongside CEO Daniel Willis, with the aim to transition into the CEO role by the end of 2024, with Willis moving onto an executive chairman role at that time, allowing him to focus on global expansion and M&As.

Willis said: “I’m delighted Danny has taken this step, which was always part of his career path from day one at Claxon. I’m looking forward to watching him make his mark even more broadly across the agency and continue to inspire the team to create industry-leading work.

“Danny has been an invaluable asset since his appointment to the CSO role earlier this year.  His contributions to the business, despite his short tenure to date, have played a pivotal role in shaping Claxon’s strategic and product offerings, fostering innovation and driving profitability.

Molyneux’s new role will see him responsible for the day-to-day outcomes of the agency, allowing Willis to focus on strategic growth and planning. Claxon acquired offline media agency Growe Media in January 2023 and is already in deep discussions about expanding its footprint into the UK through further acquisition.

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Willis continued: “Danny’s wealth of experience in the media landscape, combined with his innate commercial thinking and pragmatic approach during periods of transformation and change is unlike any other I’ve seen and I could not be prouder that he has taken this role.”
Molyneux said: “I’m exceptionally proud of what we have built at Claxon and I can’t wait to help guide the agency through its next phase of growth. With the depth of talent, client roster and momentum we have in market we are well placed to continue to push boundaries as a leading agency and continue to win against the ‘big guns.’ Claxon is testament to the strength and agility of the indies.
“I am excited about the journey ahead,” he concluded.
Molyneux’s promotion wraps up a stellar year for the agency in which they have won Chempro, ASPS and Polaris in the past 12 months, plus the agency has retained 100% of clients as the incumbent in client reviews.
Molyneux will be based at Claxon headquarters on the Gold Coast. An announcement about a new CSO will be made in due course.

Top image: Danny Molyneux and Daniel Willis

Dami Im the masked singer
Snow Fox unmasked as Dami Im takes the title on The Masked Singer 2023

“I actually won The X Factor here, on this same stage, exactly 10 years ago”

Snow Fox has been unmasked, and Dami Im has been crowned the winner of Channel 10‘s The Masked Singer Australia.

The Eurovision star won the title ahead of platinum-selling recording artist and songwriter Darren Hayes (Grim Reaper) and award-winning performer Conrad Sewell (Bouncer).

For her final performance, Snow Fox’s rendition of Ariana Grande’s Dangerous Woman had the judges perplexed.

Mel B was sure that Snow Fox was Australian singer-songwriter, Samantha Jade, Dave Hughes hedged his bets on Destiny’s Child member Kelly Rowland, Abbie Chatfield locked in pop superstar Jessie J, whilst Chrissie Swan gave yet another correct guess, certain that Snow Fox was Dami Im.

Commenting on her win, Dami said: “It feels amazing to be out [from under the mask]. I actually won The X Factor here, on this same stage, exactly 10 years ago. And now I’m back winning this!”

She then acknowledged Mel B: “I came to Australia when I was nine years old. I didn’t speak a word of English. But I learnt to speak by listening to the Spice Girls songs.”

Second runner up Conrad Sewell said of his The Masked Singer Australia experience: “It was an emotional rollercoaster backstage. Everyone was like, you’re really going to go on a journey. They were right! I had a great time.”

After explaining that he couldn’t wait to tell his little boy Memphis that he was the voice behind Bouncer, he announced that he and his partner have another baby on the way.

“It’s a little girl next, which is very lovely.”

Runner up Darren admitted that throughout the season, he had cried under his mask every time Abbie had become emotional at the thought of him being Grim Reaper, given his influence on her journey to come out as bi-sexual.

“It’s really hard to sing and cry!”

Asked by Chrissie what it was like being part of the show and why he decided to take part, Darren said: “I never thought I’d do this show [and] I’m so glad I did… It’s been like a warm hug, and I really needed that. I’ve had a tough year.”

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Nine - melbourne cup carnival 2023
TV Ratings November 7, 2023: Without a fight! Melbourne Cup Carnival a ratings winner

By Anita Anabel

Three Aussie mega stars unveiled on The Masked Singer

• Australia through to ICC World Cup Semi-Final

Overnight TV Ratings, November 7


Primetime News
Seven News 805,000 (6:00pm) / 802,000 (6:30pm)
Nine News 758,000 (6:00pm) / 750,000 (6:30pm)
ABC News 528,000

Daily Current Affairs
A Current Affair 596,000
7.30 397,000

Share summary

Nine won Tuesday night with a primary share of 21.5% and a network share of 31.1%. 9Gem has won multi channels with a 5.6% share.

Seven received a primary share of 14.5% and a network share of 23.8%.

10 took a 15.0% primary share and a network share of 20.7%.


Nine’s A Current Affair (596,000) put the spotlight on how more than 84,000 racegoers descended on the gates at Flemington Racecourse to witness the race that stops the nation — the Melbourne Cup

Then, 316,000 watched My Mum Your Dad. New Mum Donna arrived, ruffling a few feathers with her direct approach before Mum Michelle was sent packing from the retreat after she didn’t find a connection at the retreat.

316,000 then sat down for the first innings of the ICC Cricket World Cup 2023 — Australia v Afghanistan. Our home side was victorious after an incredible double century from Glenn Maxwell (201*) helped Australia qualify for the semi-finals.


411,000 began their evening in Summer Bay with Seven’s Home and Away as Mack’s life was on the line after a shock heart attack and Dr Levi was introduced. While Bree was singing his praises, others weren’t so happy to see him!


The Masked Singer Australia Grand Finale then followed as Dami Im (Snow Fox) was named the winner. The Eurovision star outfoxed her competitors, winning the coveted title ahead of platinum-selling recording artist and songwriter Darren Hayes (Grim Reaper) and award-winning performer Conrad Sewell (Bouncer). 511,000 tuned in for the episode before 594,000 watched The Reveal.

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368,000 also watched The Cheap Seats with Melanie Bracewell and Tim McDonald who were joined by Mel Tracina and comedians Phil Wang and Catherine Cohen.

Earlier in the afternoon, 1,110,000 watched the race that stopped the nation The Melbourne Cup. Without a Fight was first through the finish line at Flemington, marking jockey Mark Zahra’s second successive Cup win, after he rode Gold Trip to victory at Flemington last year. 922,000 also watched The Melbourne Cup Presentation and 716,000 watched Melbourne Cup – Mounting.


397,000 watched ABC’s 7.30 highlight the long journey home for Australians trapped in Gaza for the past month plus looked at a battle over the health of the Murray Darling Basin. Sarah Ferguson also spoke to Jim Chalmers about the RBA’s rate rise.

Then it was time for Old People’s Home for Teenagers. 327,000 saw the participants put on a big show at the retirement village. They were also retested by the experts to find out if their wellbeing had improved and then it was a look to see how their friendships were flourishing months later. 

*More updates as we get them.

Total TV Ratings, October 31

929,000 viewed Seven’s Home and Away as Tane broke Felicity’s heart all over againup 27%.

793,000 tuned into 10’s The Masked Singer Australia Reveal as Courtney Act was unveiled as the singer behind Cowgirl, up 19%.

733,000 also saw Seven’s SAS Australia where only five recruits remained, up 27%.

532,000 watched the season premiere of Nine’s My Mum Your Dad, up 35%.

Week 45: Tuesday
ABC11.3%714.5%921.5%10 15%SBS4.4%
ABC KIDS/ ABC TV PLUS1.9%7TWO4%GO!1.7%10 Bold2.3%VICELAND1.5%
ABC ME0.4%7mate3.6%GEM5.6%10 Peach2.6%Food Net1.3%
ABC NEWS1.9%7flix0.7%9Life1.1%Nickelodeon0.8%NITV0.2%
  7Bravo1%9Rush1.3%  SBS World Movies1.5%
        SBS WorldWatch0.0%
TOTAL15.5% 23.8% 31.1% 20.7% 8.9%


  1. Melbourne Cup Carnival: Lexus Melbourne Cup-Race 10 1,110,000
  2. Melbourne Cup Carnival: Lexus Melbourne Cup-Pres 10 922,000
  3. Seven News Seven 805,000
  4. Seven News At 6.30 Seven 802,000
  5. Nine News Nine 758,000
  6. Nine News 6:30 Nine 750,000
  7. Melbourne Cup Carnival: Lexus Melbourne Cup-Mou 10 716,000
  8. A Current Affair Nine 596,000
  9. The Masked Singer Australia – The Final Reveal 10 594,000
  10. ABC News ABC TV 528,000
  11. The Masked Singer Australia – Grand Finale 10 511,000
  12. The Chase Australia Seven 467,000
  13. Home And Away Seven 411,000
  14. 7.30 ABC TV 397,000
  15. Melbourne Cup Carnival: Lexus Melbourne Cup-Late 10 374,000
  16. The Cheap Seats 10 368,000
  17. Melbourne Cup Carnival: Lexus Melbourne Cup-Prev 10 358,000
  18. Old People’s Home For Teenagers ABC TV 327,000
  19. My Mum Your Dad Nine 316,000
  20. ICC Men’s ODI World Cup 2023 -Aus V Afg Nine 316,000
Demo Top Five

16-39 Top Five

  1. Melbourne Cup Carnival: Lexus Melbourne Cup-Rac 10 189,000
  2. Melbourne Cup Carnival: Lexus Melbourne Cup-Pre 10 158,000
  3. Melbourne Cup Carnival: Lexus Melbourne Cup-Mo 10 112,000
  4. The Masked Singer Australia – The Final Reveal 10 100,000
  5. Nine News Nine 97,000

18-49 Top Five

  1. Melbourne Cup Carnival: Lexus Melbourne Cup-Rac 10 328,000
  2. Melbourne Cup Carnival: Lexus Melbourne Cup-Pre 10 281,000
  3. The Masked Singer Australia – The Final Reveal 10 198,000
  4. Melbourne Cup Carnival: Lexus Melbourne Cup-Mo 10 196,000
  5. Nine News Nine 166,000

25-54 Top Five

  1. Melbourne Cup Carnival: Lexus Melbourne Cup-Rac 10 390,000
  2. Melbourne Cup Carnival: Lexus Melbourne Cup-Pre 10 331,000
  3. Melbourne Cup Carnival: Lexus Melbourne Cup-Mo 10 246,000
  4. The Masked Singer Australia – The Final Reveal 10 233,000
  5. Nine News Nine 212,000
  1. Icc Men’s Odi World Cup 2023 -Aus V Afg -S1 -Gem 9Gem 204,000
  2. Outback Truckers 7mate 105,000
  3. The Coroner 7TWO 98,000
  4. Gem Hunters Down Under 7mate 98,000
  5. Inspector George Gently 7TWO 93,000
  6. NCIS 10 Bold 85,000
  7. Would I Lie To You? ABC Kids/ABC TV Plus 82,000
  8. Supertato ABC Kids/ABC TV Plus 76,000
  9. Bargain Hunt 7TWO 72,000
  10. Peppa Pig ABC Kids/ABC TV Plus 71,000
  11. Spicks And Specks ABC Kids/ABC TV Plus 70,000
  12. 8 Out Of 10 Cats Does Countdown SBS VICELAND 70,000
  13. Kangaroo Beach ABC Kids/ABC TV Plus 68,000
  14. Bluey ABC Kids/ABC TV Plus 67,000
  15. Hey Duggee ABC Kids/ABC TV Plus 64,000
  16. Peter Rabbit ABC Kids/ABC TV Plus 64,000
  17. ABC National News ABC NEWS 63,000
  18. Adventure Gold Diggers 7mate 63,000
  19. Tish Tash ABC Kids/ABC TV Plus 63,000
  20. Shaun The Sheep ABC Kids/ABC TV Plus 62,000
  1. Live: Icc Cwc: Aus V Afg FOX CRICKET 154,000
  2. Live: Icc Cwc Innings Break: Aus V Afg FOX CRICKET 125,000
  3. Live: G1 Melbourne Cup Sky Racing 86,000
  4. Paul Murray Live Sky News Live 60,000
  5. Live: Icc Cwc: Aus V Afg FOX CRICKET 57,000
  6. Credlin Sky News Live 43,000
  7. The Bolt Report Sky News Live 41,000
  8. Live: Sky Racing 1 Raceday Sky Racing 41,000
  9. Sharri Sky News Live 41,000
  10. Live: The Big Dance Sky Racing 40,000
  11. Live: Sky Racing 1 Raceday Sky Racing 40,000
  12. Live: World Cup On Fox: Aus V Afg FOX CRICKET 39,000
  13. Live: Sky Racing 1 Raceday Sky Racing 39,000
  14. The Late Debate Sky News Live 34,000
  15. Chris Kenny Tonight Sky News Live 31,000
  16. Highway Patrol Real Life 30,000
  17. First Edition Sky News Live 26,000
  18. Selling Houses Australia Lifestyle Channel 25,000
  19. The Late Debate: The Papers Sky News Live 24,000
  20. Business Now With Ross Greenwood Sky News Live 23,000

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Media News Roundup

Business of Media

D-Day looms for Netflix, Disney as government firms new streaming rules

The federal government is a step closer to imposing Australian content quotas on streaming platforms with two possible models for the landmark regulation this week being presented to Netflix, Stan, Amazon, Disney, and other streamers, reports Nine Publishing’s Karl Quinn.

Content quotas, which require streamers to spend a certain amount on local productions, have been widely backed by the Australian film and TV industry as a way of ensuring the survival of Australian stories as viewing shifts from free-to-air (which has long been regulated) to streaming (which is not currently regulated).

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85% of people worry about online disinformation, global survey finds

More than 85% of people are worried about the impact of online disinformation and 87% believe it has already harmed their country’s politics, according to a global survey, as the United Nations announced a plan to tackle the phenomenon, reports The Guardian’s Jon Henley.

Audrey Azoulay, director general of the UN’s culture body, Unesco, told reporters on Monday that false information and hate speech online – accelerated and amplified by social media platforms – posed “major risks to social cohesion, peace and stability”.

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What Spotify’s new royalty model really means

As news about Spotify’s new payment model has torturously dribbled out — details have been leaked through sources, with little official comment from the company — it’s not surprising that controversy has accompanied it, reports Variety Australia’s Jem Aswad.

Streaming royalty models are deeply complicated and Spotify, the world’s largest paid streaming service by a long measure, has borne the brunt of the world’s frustration with the low royalties that most artists and especially songwriters receive from digital service providers.

Several articles and headlines have seized on a major point of the new model, which rolls out next year, revealed last week in an article by Kristin Graziani, president of music distributor Stem: That tracks earning less than 1,000 streams within 12 months will not receive a royalty payment.

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A media giant tried to diversify its staff – white workers sued

After more than 20 years of working for his hometown newspaper, the Democrat and Chronicle in Rochester, New York, Steve Bradley was laid off amid pandemic-induced cost-cutting in May 2020. He was crushed, but he eventually took a communications job for a local school district, reports Washington Post’s Taylor Telford.

Then, two years later, he received a startling message.

Sitting in the bleachers at the school softball field in July 2022, Bradley took a phone call from an unknown number. He listened as J. Nelson Thomas, an employment lawyer he had never met, presented a jarring claim: Bradley was laid off because he is white.

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X’s Elon Musk hired a CEO with TV roots. She’s showing them.

When X Corp. chief executive Linda Yaccarino gathered advertisers in September at the company’s New York office, hoping to woo them back to the social-media platform, she invited a National Football League executive as a headline speaker, reports The Wall Street Journal’s Suzanne Vranica and Alexa Corse

Having heard plenty about the risks of the platform formerly known as Twitter, from hate speech to misinformation, Yaccarino and her team have been pitching advertisers on TV-style content such as NFL game highlights—safe zones within X that can give jittery marketers a place to spend their money.

Five months after joining Elon Musk’s X, the former NBCUniversal ad-sales boss is leaning on her three decades in the media industry in her turnaround effort.

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News Brands

Munjed Al Muderis tries to unveil Nine’s confidential sources in defamation case

Famed surgeon Munjed Al Muderis is attempting to unmask the numerous doctors and prosthetists who he claims are confidential sources for Nine journalists in a series of articles over which he has taken them to court, reports The Australian’s Joanna Panagopoulos.

Orthopedic surgeon Dr Al Muderis is suing the Nine Network in the Federal Court over a 60 Minutes episode and articles in the Sydney Morning Herald and The Age late last year, which he says defamed him by painting him as a negligent surgeon who used high-pressure sales tactics to the detriment of his clients.

Dr Al Muderis invented a version of osseointegration, a surgical procedure which places a prosthetic implant into the bone of amputees.

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Activist calls for ABC to resist after fine

A climate activist involved in an attempted protest outside the home of Woodside Energy’s chief executive says the light penalty for his failure to give police access to his phone and laptop should ­inspire the ABC to ­resist handing over footage from the incident, reports The Australian’s Paul Garvey.

Jesse Noakes was on Tuesday fined $250 for each of four charges relating to his failure to comply with a data access order.

Noakes was among a group of activists from the Disrupt Burrup Hub group charged over the ­attempted protest at the City Beach home of Woodside chief Meg O’Neill in August. The activists, who were apprehended by a group of more than a dozen police who were lying in wait at the home, were accompanied by a crew from the ABC’s Four Corners program.

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Making Squid Game reality TV show posed problem of how to ‘shoot’ players

Filming the new Squid Game reality TV show threw up “a lot of problems” including concerns over how to “shoot” contestants, its producer has said, reports The Guardian’s Nadia Khomami.

Squid Game: The Challenge will see 456 contestants from around the world competing for a huge cash prize, just like in the hit South Korean fictional drama.

It was commissioned by Netflix after the remarkable success of the original Squid Game, in which the poor are lured to play lethal versions of children’s games, risking death for wealth.

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The Block winners defend their ‘controversial’ tactics

The Block winners Steph and Gian Ottavio say they did nothing wrong after their tactics on the show were labelled “controversial”, reports News Corp’s Joshua Haigh.

It recently emerged that the couple had chatted with their agent Tom Panos early-on in the game in a bid to help them get an edge on their competition.

Their game plan was seen as controversial among fans but the couple avidly “disagree” that they did anything wrong.

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The Block 2023: Adrian Portelli to strip Steph and Gian’s Hampton East house

The Block buyer Adrian Portelli has vowed to remove some of the contents of the three homes he’s purchased in Hampton East, reports News Corp’s Jackie Epstein.

It comes after controversy erupted when he took out around $100,000 worth of items from the fully furnished Gisborne property he gave away after the last series of the show.

He bought that house for $4.25m and then offered it for free through his online shopping discounts and giveaway business LMCT+.

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Sports Media

Nine weekend sports presenter Josh Money to join 7News Adelaide sports team

Nine’s weekend sports presenter Josh Money has quit the station to take up the vacant position in Seven Adelaide’s sports team, reports News Corp’s Antimo Iannella.

Money will replace Theo Doropoulos, who is heading to Victoria to join 7News Melbourne, helping to fill the shoes of outgoing chief AFL reporter Tom Browne.

7News director Chris Salter said Money, 31, who’s been with Nine since March 2021, was the perfect addition to their sports line-up.

“We’re thrilled Josh is joining our newsroom,” he said.

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