Wednesday July 10, 2024

Tourism Tasmania
Tourism Tasmania creative account up for pitch

By Amy Shapiro

The incumbent is BMF, which won the creative account in 2019.

Tourism Tasmania has put its lead creative agency contract up for pitch, calling for agencies to submit a Request of Expression of Interest through the Tasmanian  Government tender website.

The creative contract will span up to seven years, beginning with an initial three-year term starting in February 2025. There are also options for two additional two-year extensions.

The appointed agency will be responsible for delivering creative and strategic work that connects travellers emotionally and culturally with Tasmania to boost visitation, working with the government agency to develop a creative marketing program aimed at distinguishing the state in the competitive national and international destination marketing sectors.

The incumbent creative agency is BMF, which was appointed in March 2019, alongside Clemenger BBDO which serves as the lead digital agency.

Later that year, BMF launched Tourism Tasmania’s lauded long-standing brand platform, Come Down For Air.

In April, BMF led Tourism Tasmania’s Off Season campaign effort, encouraging Australians to become ‘winter people’. The campaign positioned Tasmania as a key winter destination and aims to increase tourism during the traditionally quieter travel period between May and August.

This announcement comes after Tourism Australia appointed a panel of agencies for its integrated global creative and digital services. Accenture Song, The Monkeys (part of Accenture Song), and Droga5 secured a five-year contract starting in July 2024, with an initial term of three years and options for two one-year extensions.

Earlier this month, Endeavour Group appointed BMF as its lead creative agency for brands including Dan Murphy’s and BWS. 

Mediaweek has reached out to BMF for comment.

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Rose Byrne in 'Come and Say G'day' for Tourism Australia by M&C Saatchi
'Enjoyed the great privilege': M&C Saatchi responds as Tourism Australia changes the guard

By Amy Shapiro

M&C held the account since 2018, and was responsible for its ‘Come and Say G’Day’ campaign.

“M&C Saatchi Group has enjoyed the great privilege of supporting Australia’s Tourism Industry throughout our partnership with Tourism Australia,” a spokesperson from the creative solutions company told Mediaweek.

The comments follow the news that Tourism Australia has appointed a panel of agencies – Accenture Song, The Monkeys, and Droga5 – to handle its integrated global creative and digital services.

Effective from July 2024, the panel has secured a five-year contract with the government agency that spans three years, with options for two one-year extensions.

The M&C spokesperson continued: “Together we have created globally acclaimed effective work culminating in the global launch of Come and Say G’Day

“We are equally proud of the Holiday Here This Year work created during the pandemic to support local tourism operators in a time of need. 

“As our term of service comes to an end, we wish all the parties involved every future success.”

The Come and Say G’Day campaign, which supported and helped rebuild the Australian tourism industry following the pandemic, has been widely acclaimed.

Directed by Australian director Michael Gracey, the campaign introduced two adorable CGI animated characters: Ruby, a souvenir kangaroo voiced by Australian actor Rose Byrne, and Louie, a toy unicorn representing international visitors, voiced by actor Will Arnett. It went on to win Best Animation Short at last year’s Los Angeles Film Festival.

The Holiday Here This Year platform was launched in 2021, featuring homegrown personalities and Tourism Australia ambassadors, Hamish Blake and Zoe Foster-Blake, to promote the appeal of Australia’s major cities to its citizens.

M&C Saatchi won the creative account after the five-year contract with Clemenger BBDO expired in December 2018.  Digitas won the digital tender, replacing DT (now part of AKQA). Both agencies failed to make the shortlist after the account went up for pitch last September.

Upon announcing the new appointments, Tourism Australia chief marketing officer Susan Coghill thanked M&C for their contributions to the Tourism Australia brand:

“I would also like to take this opportunity to thank M&C Saatchi and Digitas for all of their hard work over the past five years,” said Coghill.

“It was a challenging period and thanks to both agencies we were able to pivot into the domestic space, with the Holiday Here This Year campaigns, and once international travel resumed we launched our current global campaign Come and Say G’day welcoming travellers back to Australia.”

It has not been an easy time for the agency. Last month, the account for BWS, previously held by M&C, went to BMF when the agency won the Endeavour Group pitch. Additionally, Porsche Cars Australia, also held by M&C, has put its creative account up for pitch.

In an upswing for the agency, however, it was announced this week that M&C Saatchi was appointed as the creative behaviour change agency for Australian Red Cross Lifeblood.

Top Image: Rose Byrne in ‘Come and Say G’day’ campaign for Tourism Australia

arn Duncan Campbell Radio Ratings Kyle and Jackie O
'A positive result': ARN's Duncan Campbell on the halfway point in the ratings year

By Tess Connery

Kyle & Jackie O in Melbourne: “The focus will be on now building on this result.”

With survey four marking the halfway point of the ratings year, ARN chief content officer Duncan Campbell’s description of the year for the network so far is “solid.”

“We’re the number two network – we would like to be number one, but that’s proving a little bit more challenging this year. We’re a good number two, so we’re happy with that.”

One of the network’s strongholds is Sydney, where survey four saw ARN take the top two FM breakfast spots – Kyle & Jackie O and Jonesy & Amanda – as well as the top drive with Will & Woody.

“We had a very good year last year in Sydney, our average 10+ was 11.4%. In 2022 it was 10.1%, and this year we’re averaging 10.4%. It’s a very strong radio station,” Campbell said of KIIS 106.5.

Kyle & Jackie O in Sydney are still very strong at 14.1%, and the most listened to breakfast show by cume in both Sydney and the country. The number one and number two FM breakfast shows are a good duopoly to have.”

Further south, Kyle & Jackie O’s second survey since launching in Melbourne saw the duo stay flat with a 5.9% breakfast share. Cume for the show lifted 48,000 to 502,000.

It’s a positive result. I’m not saying it’s a great result, but it’s a positive result due to the fact that there’s so much churn going on in the market. For them to be flat suggests that after the last result, we’ve stabilised a bit and we should be able to move forward now,” said Campbell.

“Melbourne is very strong and it’s good to have that base of 502,000 cume. The focus will be on now building on this result, and hopefully in their first full results, survey five, we should see some share increases.”

Around the rest of the network, Campbell admit there are “a couple of disappointing results” – namely Brisbane and Adelaide – but adds that “we’re always optimistic and always persevering.”

“I’m not too sure what’s happening in Adelaide, but Brisbane has some challenges with moving the station down a little bit in terms of music target. It’s more of a CHR format now in line with the KIIS network, so that’s a work in progress. If we can crack those before the end of the year we should end much stronger.”

With half the surveys to go, Campbell said that ARN’s biggest focus will be on its key demo.

“Our focus is very much 25-54s, that’s where we’re at. We’re actually getting more laser-focused on that as we move forward.”

Top image: Duncan Campbell

ARN Studio k&j kyle and jackie o radio ratings
Radio Ratings 2024, Survey 4: Highlights + Full Results

Full results for the fourth GfK Radio Ratings Survey of the year.

GFK Radio Ratings Survey 4, 2024


Smoothfm tops KIIS but 2GB stays #1, Ben Fordham tops brekky, 2Day FM slides

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Kyle & Jackie O stay flat in second survey, Ross & Russ #1, GOLD tops FM

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B105 keeps its lead with big brekkie boost, Triple M and Nova round out top three

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Roo, Ditts, and Loz lead brekky despite dip, MIX slides

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Nova takes #1 back from 96FM, Nathan, Nat, and Shaun stay on top of brekkie

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Bondi Rescue
How Bondi Rescue highlights the 'relatable heroes that save lives'

By Jasper Baumann

“No other beach in Australia can give you never-ending stories the way Bondi Beach does.”

Bondi Rescue is diving into its 18th season and for executive producer at Paramount ANZ, Ciaran Flannery, it’s the “hero” lifeguards of the famous beach that has kept the show so popular amongst audiences for close to two decades. 

“There’s other observational documentaries that follow other heroes like paramedics or police officers, but there’s something about the beach that is so relatable to Australians,” Flannery told Mediaweek

“When you see a resuscitation taking place on the sand as you do in this new season, with three or four lifeguards keeping a human alive with a crowd surrounding them, there’s a relatability and a shock value to that which I think can’t be recreated with any other setting or observational program.

“No other beach in Australia can give you never-ending stories the way Bondi Beach does. You would think 18 seasons in you’ve seen it all, but it’s just not the case.”

Ciaran Flannery, Executive Producer, Paramount ANZ

Also speaking to Mediaweek, Ben Davies, executive producer & creator of Bondi Rescue and Michael Cordell, creative director and co-founder of CJZ agreed that they have both worked hard to fine-tune the tone of the show.

“The tone comes down to having a larikin spirit combined with extraordinary bravery,” Davies said.

“Our cast of characters, are real-life people and lifeguards, and you see them week after week and learn about them as characters, but you also see their personalities, their own character and sense of humour. 

“That side-by-side with the bravery on an iconic beach is a great perk.”

Bondi Rescue

Ben Davies and Michael Cordell

Cordell expressed that for Davies and himself, there’s also a very deep personal connection.

“We both grew up learning to surf at Bondi. The first time I took a surfboard down at Bondi, I lost it and got rescued by another surfer and learned quickly about how dangerous the surf could be,” he said.

“We are passionate about Bondi, and because of that, we feel a duty to make a show that is authentic, and true to the beach and the stories that come out of it.

Cordell teased that people can expect “lots of emotion” from the new season, and has also teased that the season will showcase the “busiest summer in a decade” for the Bondi lifeguards.

Veteran lifeguard Hoppo is returning, and one day showcased in the new season will go down in history as the lifeguards tally up 123 rescues.

Other incidents include the lifeguards tackling a dramatic resuscitation, a derp fin chop that threatens to be fatal, a serious neck injury, and a deadly blue-ringed octopus in the kids’ pool.

Bondi Rescue is produced by CJZ for Network 10. 

Bondi Rescue premieres Wednesday, 10 July at 7:30 pm on 10 and 10 Play.

Mediaweek Next of the Best - Jimmy and Nath
'We want to be the best radio show there is': Jimmy & Nath on allowing things to go wrong to create fun and unpredictable content

By Tess Connery

“The goal of the Jimmy & Nath show is to bring as many people along for the ride as possible.”

Jimmy Smith and Nath Roye have worked hard to achieve their national radio spot, presenting the National Nights Show on the HIT Network.

This was reflected when the radio duo won the audio talent category at Mediaweek’s recent Next of The Best Awards 

Mediaweek caught up with Jimmy & Nath to chat about giving their audiences light and shade with their content and what the industry can expect from them next.

The awards have been judged by an all-star line-up, what does it mean to you to be recognised by this group?

We are stoked to get the nod from a group of our peers and people who know the industry well. Well, they mustn’t know it too well if they chose us, or maybe they do, who knows.

We are super proud of our show and the Jimmy & Nath brand, which has been building for over 10 years now, so to get recognition for that work is sensational. Of course, we wouldn’t be able to do the big wild and wonderful things we do on air and around the country if it wasn’t for the supportive team we have around us, who babysit us and sometimes let us do things… if we listen.

What content is the Jimmy & Nath audience resonating with in 2024?

The content resonating most with our audiences is, of course, our outlandish jokes, pick-up lines, and one-liners that feature heavily on our podcast and social media. Along with that it is our unique take on storytelling and news presenting (what some call the ‘Jimmy & Nath Spin’) that sets us apart from other shows.

We all have access to the same content but the way we choose to show it is unpredictable and engaging in a way that other shows can’t do. The goal of the Jimmy & Nath show is to bring as many people along for the ride as possible, it’s like one big bus and everyone is invited and encouraged to be a part of it.

We are the first to admit the funniest and most engaging moments on our show are often provided by our hilarious listeners who we give a platform to and let shine. The Jimmy & Nath show is a show for the audience whoever you are everyone has a story to tell.

What is the funniest thing that has happened to you on air?

Wow, this is a very hard question to answer, because so much goes wrong on our show every day and to be honest it is what makes it so fun and unpredictable. The show we create allows for things to go wrong and we love to lean into them because that’s what we feel people engage with. A few examples of funny things that have happened on air would be:

When Nath bogged the station car in the middle of a beach when we were doing a broadcast from the beach. He did it live on air because he thought it would ‘look cool’ if it was down on the sand – the car was not made for driving on sand, so the next hour of the show was dedicated to finding tow trucks in the area who could come down and help. Our listeners banded together and we ended up getting three tow trucks down there again live on the show to unbog the station car!

When Nath dislocated Jimmy’s shoulder at a Roosters Rugby League training camp. Now granted, this was NOT funny at the time, in fact it was quite traumatic, but humour is born from drama and this was certainly dramatic. We were filming and recording stuff for the show at a Roosters training camp when we got a little too competitive going for a ball after the training had finished, so much so that Nath decided to take out Jimmy in competition for the ball in the air. Nath being much heavier than Jim knocked him hard onto the ground and dislocated his shoulder once at the impact and again on the ground.

The drive to the hospital, hours of pain and painkillers to try and get it back in and the surgery that followed were not funny… but now it very much is. The video of the whole event exists on @jimmyandnath on Instagram and hopped up on painkillers Jimmy’s only words amongst his screaming in pain were ‘make sure you film it all’.

In a competitive radio landscape, what makes the Jimmy & Nath show stand out?

As explained above what is often referred to as the ‘Jimmy & Nath Spin’ on content is what makes us stand out from other shows around the country. We will never take the ‘easy’ option when it comes to presenting content, but rather find a way to involve as many people as we can, and to get the show seen as much as it is heard.

The show is a journey that the audience goes on and helps us build together, there is nothing better than listeners buying into the ridiculousness that we are cooking up on air all in the name of creating joy. The Jimmy & Nath show has a superpower and that superpower is making the tiniest little idea into the biggest thing possible, it’s bringing client messaging to life, and using the audience to create an infectious, big idea that gets national media coverage in a creative, sharable, and memorable way.

Plus, it’s our ability when needed to have real, deep, and powerful discussions that have had cut through well into the millions. Recent conversations about Jimmy’s mental health struggles, domestic violence, or Nath’s wife’s Cystic Fibrosis ensure the show is multi-layered and when needed can show tremendous amounts of light and powerful shade.

Being Next of The Best – what can the industry expect next from you?

Next for us is to keep growing the Jimmy & Nath brand on and off the air. The on-air side of things, whether we are doing nights, drive, or breaky, is only one side of a multifaced coin that makes up our show. Yes, we are a radio show through and through – we always will be, and we will never forget our adoration for the craft we think is still the most powerful in the media, because of its live nature, and ability to change on a dime.

But of course, the show has aspirations. We want to be the best radio show there is and has ever been, we would love to see ourselves in a national drive or Sydney breakfast slot permanently. Our show is a machine that keeps on turning over and it is one that we will forever learn from, grow, and nourish until we are both 80 years old on Triple M once a week yelling at each other because we are old and deaf.

Top image: Jimmy & Nath

UM - Michael Mellington
UM promotes Michael Mellington to head of media planning

By Alisha Buaya

“This is the perfect time for UM to take a market-leading stance, and I’m honoured to lead this charge with our planning community.”

UM Australia has promoted Michael Mellington to the newly created role of head of media planning. 

Mellington, who was previously head of partnerships, Melbourne, will lead the agency’s national media planning team and bring his experience to the forefront of UM’s media planning craft.

Anathea Ruys, CEO of UM Australia, said: “We are very excited to have someone of Mello’s experience and capability fill this critical role in UM’s evolution.

“Exceptional media planning is a cornerstone of client success, and on a daily basis, Mello demonstrates his dedication to the craft of planning and his commitment to client growth. More recently, he has worked tirelessly to establish and deliver a plan to uplift the craft for UM. With his leadership skills so apparent, the entire planning team – and our clients – will see his efforts come to life as we move forward.

“I am truly delighted Michael has taken on this new role and challenge, and I am excited about what the future of media planning looks like for UM with him at the helm,” Ruys concluded.

Mellington said of his promotion: “I am a firm believer that the craft of planning in our industry is pivotal to client growth and needs a renewed focus, so I am thrilled to take on this new challenge working with the incredible talent that is across our national team.

“My aim moving forward is to balance our approach of people and data to unpack the full spectrum of creative media solutions to drive tangible client outcomes. With the fast-paced evolution of our industry, this is the perfect time for UM to take a market leading stance and I’m honoured to lead this charge with our planning community.”

Mellington, who joined the agency in 2016, will report directly to Raj Gupta, UM chief strategy and growth officer. He will be based in Melbourne due to his commitments to Melbourne-based clients, however, he will oversee the national planning team and media planning needs across UM’s national client roster.

Top image: Michael Mellington

QMS and Vicinity - Emporium Melbourne
QMS and Vicinity Centres expand partnership, adding two sites to Emporium Melbourne network

By Alisha Buaya

“Once installed in the coming weeks, the new screen at Emporium’s Swanston Street will rank among the most exciting external digital screens in Australia.”

QMS has extended its partnership with retail property group Vicinity Centres to include two high-profile sites at Emporium Melbourne.

The Emporium Swanston Street location will feature a new, higher-definition screen that is 75% larger and will offer 455 square metres of unobstructed viewing. The Swanston Street digital billboard is also 100% full motion and 3DOOH enabled, offering brands the creative capability to utilise existing video assets as well as the ability to add a new dimension in DOOH to their campaigns.

The Lonsdale Street location is also 3DOOH enabled and joins the digital outdoor media company’s existing multi-format 3DOOH portfolio, including digital large format, City of Sydney street furniture and The Convenience Network screens.

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Sara Lappage, QMS chief operating officer, said: “Vicinity Centres include some of Australia’s most coveted retail sites and we’re very pleased to be able to expand our new partnership with them to include the prestigious Emporium Melbourne location.

“Once installed in the coming weeks, the new screen at Emporium’s Swanston Street will rank among the most exciting external digital screens in Australia. Not only will it provide unparalleled creative impact opportunities for brands in Melbourne’s retail centre, it will also further complement our growing network of full motion and 3DOOH enabled locations across the country.”

Brooke McMonigle, Vicinity Centres’ head of media, said: “Emporium Melbourne is Melbourne CBD’s home of premium Australian and international brands, attracting over 18 million visits each year. Extending our partnership with QMS to include the two new sites will allow brands to more effectively connect with customers as 3DOOH and full motion campaigns are brought to life.”

The addition of Emporium comes after the digital outdoor media company successfully won the tender to manage the external digital large format billboards for Vicinity Centres Box Hill Central and The Glen in Victoria, as well as Eastlands in Tasmania.

The Swanston Street Emporium location is due for completion at the end of July.

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The Growth Distillery - News Corp Australia - Sporting Nation Next Generation
Social connection the main motivation for sports fans under the age of 40: The Growth Distillery

By Alisha Buaya

Almost 60% of younger fans have a strong affinity for brands that support their favourite team or sport.

Social connection is the number one motivation for sports fans under the age of 40, according to research by The Growth Distillery.

Sporting Nation 2024: Next Generation report found that more than 70% of fans say sports bring them closer to friends and family, highlighting the opportunity for brands to create connection-driven marketing strategies.

Research by the Think Tank examined how younger fans are engaging in Australia’s sporting landscape and its implications for brands.

Leigh Lavery, The Growth Distillery’s head of growth intelligence, said: “It’s becoming more and more challenging for marketers to reach younger sports fans.

“This study shows they need to look beyond just live coverage and tap into other key touch points as well. Brands should embrace the diverse interests of fans across various sports and form smart partnerships.”

News Corp Australia - Leigh Lavery

Leigh Lavery

It found that reaching fans under the age of 40 through traditional methods is becoming increasingly challenging for brands as they turn to digital and interactive platforms that go beyond simply watching the live game. This research is a blueprint for how younger fans are embracing sports and where marketers are best placed to focus on growth.

Sporting Nation 2024: Next Generation revealed that fans are enjoying more sports than ever before, consuming, on average, five sports across the year. The findings suggest that marketers should embrace the increased opportunities to make a connection.

The research highlighted that almost 60% of younger fans have a strong affinity for brands that support their favourite team or sport, an opportunity that “marketers should use this opportunity to gain an unfair advantage” according to the report.

The Growth Distillery report also found that 59 percent of Gen Z Australians have started following a new sport in the last two years. It suggested that brands should see every new fan as a new opportunity, with sports growing the fastest presenting the biggest prize.

Man of Many
Man of Many unveils new corporate site and two new hires

By Jasper Baumann

Dean Blake joins the Man of Many editorial team while Beatrix Boon joins as a video producer.

Man of Many has revealed its dedicated corporate site which aims to elevate brand visibility, attract advertiser inquiries, and offer comprehensive data and analytics to potential partners.

The site features sections on audience demographics, reach, engagement, technical ad specifications, and reader survey insights. Additionally, it showcases case studies and success stories from previous campaigns. 

In addition to the launch of the corporate site, Man of Many welcomes two new members to its team.

Dean Blake joins the Man of Many editorial team, focusing on the technology, entertainment, and lifestyle sectors. Dean has previously served as a features editor at Inside Retail and print editor at Inside FMCG magazine. 

“I’m really excited to be joining Man of Many at a time of substantial change for the business,” Dean said.

“With the publication exploring more long-form and premium content in its quarterly Digital Editions, I’m keen to bring my experience writing news, features, and profiles to the team.”

Beatrix Boon is also joining Man of Many and will work as a video producer. Beatrix previously worked at NOVA Entertainment, where she led video content production for the podcast team. 

“I can’t wait to start making headway at Man of Many. We’ve got so many exciting things in the works and I believe I’ve come at the perfect time!”

In June, co-founder of Man of Many Scott Purcell won the Publishing Award at Mediaweek’s Next of the Best Awards.

This adds to a year that has seen the Man of Many team debut Sydney Whisky Month, launch its inaugural online edition housed on a dedicated platform within the title’s website, and win Mediaweek’s February Sales Team of the Year accolade. 

He told Mediaweek that being an independent publisher means the team can create “pure, honest content” with “no strings attached.”

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Aussie Paralympian Col Pearse fronts Woolworths' 'Fresh Fuels the Best in All' via M&C Saatchi

By Amy Shapiro

“This brand film captures the Aussie competitive spirit, determination, grit and a community coming together to help realise an athlete’s dream.”

Woolworths has launched its latest campaign, Fresh Fuels the Best in All, ahead of the Paris Olympic and Paralympic Games, in partnership with M&C Saatchi’s Greenhouse Collective – a bespoke model for Woolworths. The campaign stars Australian Paralympian, Col Pearse.

The campaign centres on a hero film inspired by Pearse’s story, highlighting how his family and local community helped him create a training pool in the dam on their family farm outside of Echuca, Victoria, to train for the Paralympics. The campaign promotes the brand position that Australia’s fresh produce inspires all Australians to ‘fuel their best.’

“Since Rio de Janeiro in 2016, Woolworths has been the proud fresh food partner of the Australian Olympic and Paralympic teams. It’s a role we are honoured to play, and we wish all of our athletes every success,” said Woolworths group chief marketing officer, Andrew Hicks.

Woolworths - Col Pearse - 1

“Providing our customers with the best of Australian fresh food is at the heart of who we are and we hope Col’s story and our support for Australia’s athletes at the Games helps inspire the next generation of Olympic and Paralympic champions.”

“Col’s story is the perfect example of truth outcompeting fiction,” added Richard Morgan, ECD M&C Saatchi Woolworths.

“This brand film captures the Aussie competitive spirit, determination, grit and a community coming together to help realise an athlete’s dream of competing on the world stage and I can’t wait to see the full campaign roll out in bespoke ways across channels.”

Woolworths - Col Pearse - 4

The integrated multi-channel campaign has launched on Free to Air TV, with athlete ambassador creative set to activate across Woolworths stores this week. Activity will also roll out across radio, press, digital, content, social, and OOH throughout July, August, and early September.

Besides Col Pearse‘s journey, the campaign will feature six other Olympic and Paralympic athletes: Mollie O’Callaghan, Jeff Dunne, Ryley Batt, Maurice Longbottom, Vanessa Low, and Riley Day.

Earlier this year, Woolworths was crowned Australia’s most valuable brand despite a 5% brand value decline by the 2024 Brand Finance Australia 100, released in January at the World Economic Forum.

Woolworths - Col Pearse - 2

This was followed by Woolworths CEO Brad Banducci‘s February announcement that he would be stepping down from the position after eight and a half years, succeeded by Amanda Bardwell, then managing director of WooliesX.

Woolworths is not the only brand leveraging the hype of the upcoming global sporting event this week. On Tuesday, AAMI launched its latest work via Ogilvy, Athletes in the Making – a fun and lighthearted campaign highlighting the challenges faced by Aussie households when the aspirations of their young athletes outweigh their burgeoning skills.

See also: AAMI launches ‘Athletes in the Making’ via Ogilvy


Andrew Hicks: Chief Marketing Officer, Woolworths Group 
Jane Saleh: Director, Woolworths Brand & Marketing 
Caroline Squire: General Manager, Marketing Communications 
Sarah De La Mare: Head of Community & Sponsorships 
Hayley Mein: Marketing Communications Manager 
Kirsty Mould: Senior Marketing Communications Manager 
Ashlea Pike: Marketing Communications Planner
Zoe Meredith: Sponsorships and Partnerships Manager 
Trent Sullivan: Sponsorships and Partnerships Manager 
Clare Harris: Program Lead 
Simone Scoppa: PR 
Nathan Farebrother: PR 

Creative Agency: M&C Saatchi 
Steve Coll: Chief Creative Officer 
Lisa Milner : General Manager 
Richard Morgan / Shelley Parsons: Executive Creative Director
Mike Burdick: Senior Copywriter
Niccola Phillips: Senior Art Director
Karen Muxworthy: Executive Producer
Tara Goh: Group Account Director
Alex Booker: Account Manager
Vanessa Graham: Head of Strategy
Sarah Pont: Senior Planner 

Production Company: Exit Films 
Glendyn Ivin: Director
Leah Churchill-Brown: Executive Producer
Alice Grant: Producer
Jack Hutchings: Editor
The Editors/Resolution Design: Post production 

Music and sound design: Level 2 Music, Elliott Wheeler (Turning Studios), Massive Music Artist and song: Amazing, Alex Lloyd 

AAMI launches 'Athletes in the Making' via Ogilvy
AAMI launches 'Athletes in the Making' via Ogilvy

By Amy Shapiro

“Australia’s leading national insurer is there to support our little athletes in the making when things don’t quite go to plan.”

AAMI has launched its latest work with creative network Ogilvy, Athletes in the Making.

The fun and lighthearted campaign vignettes the challenges faced by Aussie households when the aspirations of their young athletes outweigh their burgeoning skills.


The work is the second execution since the insurance brand unveiled a new long-term brand platform via Ogilvy in March, shifting from its AAMI Does platform, which had been in market since 2020.

The new platform embraces Australia’s quirks and challenges while reinvigorating the insurance provider’s long-standing tagline, Lucky you’re with AAMI

Live across TV, BVOD, Cinema, Social, Radio Spotify, and OOH, the execution aims to leverage the context of the upcoming Olympics. 

AAMI 'Athletes in the making' via Ogilvy

“Kids love pretending to be their favourite sporting heroes. Especially when the world’s biggest sporting event is about to happen,” said Ogilvy Australia ECD, Hilary Badger.

“Realistically, though, they don’t have the silky skills of their heroes. But when things go wrong, the parents of Australia can take comfort if they’re covered with AAMI.”

AAMI 'Athletes in the making' via Ogilvy 2

AAMI’s head of brand and content, Rapthi Thanapalasingam, continued: “At a time when most of Australia will be unified around supporting our athletes, we want to reinforce how Australia’s leading national insurer is there to support our little athletes in the making when things don’t quite go to plan.”

Athletes in the Making follows Ogilvy’s recent work for Cadbury, launching a video AI campaign platform as the latest instalment of the brand‘s longstanding Cheer & A Half Campaign, which seeks to recognise volunteers and their contributions to grassroots sport.

See also: AAMI and Ogilvy launch brand platform using Dorothea Mackellar’s ‘My Country’

Client: AAMI (Suncorp)
CMO/EGM brand and customer experience: Mim Haysom
Head of brand and content: Rapthi Thanapalasingam
AAMI brand and marketing manager: Toby Gill
AAMI marketing lead: Liza Friedman
Mass brands marketing specialist: Breanna Webster
AAMI marketing specialist: Sally Frank 

Strategy & Creative Agency: Ogilvy Australia
Production: Hogarth
Production Company: Scoundrel
Director: Tim Bullock
VFX: Blockhead VFX
Sound: Squeak E Clean Studios
Media: OMD
Photographer: Chris Tovo
Retoucher: Aaron Foster @ Studio ADFX

Lynx partners with FISHER to launch fine fragrance collection via Hello Social
Lynx partners with FISHER to launch fine fragrance collection via Hello Social

By Amy Shapiro

“Lynx has always been about empowering guys, and that means evolving alongside them.”

Unilever deodorant brand Lynx has partnered with Grammy-nominated Australian music producer FISHER to front its Fine Fragrance collection under the platform, Smell Finer Than The Finest Fragrances.

The campaign, led by Hello Social and implemented by Mindshare and FORWARD, puts Lynx in the booming premium fine fragrance market, aiming to redefine the category by offering a lineup of accessible yet high-end scents for men.

The creative pokes fun at fine fragrance advertising stereotypes – like seductive models, abs, and majestic animals – by dialling up the ‘fineness’ to its most absurd limits.

“Lynx has always been about empowering guys, and that means evolving alongside them,” said Unilever ANZ marketing director, John McKeon.

“We’ve seen our audiences’ fragrance tastes become more sophisticated, so we’ve responded with a new Fine Fragrance collection made with premium ingredients and delivering a premium scent that’s finer than the finest fragrances.”

The collection, developed by fragrance experts, introduces six distinctive scents: Black Vanilla, Blue Lavender, Aqua Bergamot, Emerald Sage, Golden Mango, and Copper Santal.

The integrated media strategy, led by Mindshare, aims to connect with Gen Z male consumers through TV, out-of-home, audio, social, digital, and owned channels. FORWARD will further the campaign through PR and influencer outreach. 

To kick off the campaign, Lynx partnered with the PedestrianTV Awards as the sponsor of the Music category. At the event, Lynx “sniffer dogs” offered attendees the first opportunity to experience the new Fine Fragrance collection.

Lynx and FISHER also plan to launch a scavenger hunt via FISHER’s social channels, promising winners double passes to his upcoming Australian headline shows.


View this post on Instagram


A post shared by FISHER (@followthefishtv)

“It’s always tricky bringing together big brands and big personalities, so for us, it was about finding the overlap where they could both be at their absurd best,” said Hello Social ECD, Daniel Fryer.

“While FISHER might not be the centaur you’d take into battle, there’s no half-horse-half-DJ you’d rather party with, or smell like.”

Smell Finer Than The Finest Fragrances marks Hello Social’s debut project since being appointed as the creative agency of record for the Lynx brand in June.

See also: Lynx appoints Hello as creative agency of record


Client: Unilever 
Marketing Director – Personal Care ANZ: John McKeon 
Head of Deodorants ANZ: Sandra de Lassus 
Marketing Manager – Lynx: Incara McGowan 
Content Lead: Alisha Thornley 
Assistant Brand Manager – Lynx: Perry Varol 

Creative, Talent & Activation Agency 
Managing Director & Partner: Sam Kelly 
Director of Client Solutions: Julien Dupuche 
Executive Creative Director: Daniel Fryer 
Director of Talent: Melissa Woodward 
Director of Media and Marketing Science: Daniel Hill 
Client Lead: Maya Weidner 
Head of Design: Seamus McShane 
Art Director: Cody Waters 
Finished Art: Kevin Barker 

Media Agency: Mindshare 
Media Strategy: Elliott Eldridge 
Media Connections Planning: Laura Fell, Rasmika Sukha 
Media implementation: Emily Harris, Oliver Poiner, Navzeeth Bijayananda,Chloe Paul, Matilda Thorpe, Oliver Hallstrom, Helen Alexander 

PR Agency: Forward PR 
General Manager: Caroline Lovejoy 
Account Director: Elle Reid 
Account Manager: Bronte Mather 

Film Production: We Know Video 
Founder & CEO: Jack Shanahan
Director: Luke Brown Producer: Kezia Suryaputra 
Production Assistant: Joselle Taiapa 
Dop: Mark Desiatov 
Camera Assistant: Lachlan McGilp 
Gaffer: Benjamin Russell 
Best Person: Mungo Heath, Jake Leskarac 
Production Designer: Cloe Jouin 
Art Assist: Carl Dorian 
HMUA: Emma Louise 
Sound Recordist: Paul Jones 
VFX Supervisor: Andreas Wanda 
Editor: Luke Brown 
Colourist: Tim Wreyford 
Sound Mix: James Martell

VFX Production: Atmos 

Audio Production: Zig Zag Post

WiredCo. launches Dettol's new ANZ campaign with The Wiggles

By Alisha Buaya

Research indicates that 87% of Australian children don’t wash their hands for the recommended 20+ seconds.

WiredCo. has launched a new campaign for Reckitt’s Dettol, which has partnered with The Wiggles to make handwashing fun for both parents and children.

Holly McCarthy, Reckitt ANZ marketing director, said: “During the pandemic, hand hygiene naturally grew. Post-pandemic, it’s important that we keep it on the agenda amongst three to six-year-olds so they can keep building those vital social and play skills without interruption from the spread of germs.

“And our research indicates a staggering 87% of Australian children don’t wash their hands properly by not washing for the 20+ seconds recommended by health experts.”

The partnership, facilitated by The Comms Department, aims to have a fresh and fun approach to handwashing and be highly memorable in the way it uses a trusted role model and music to build memory structures that teach children to wash their hands properly.

Annelie Pennock, Reckitt ANZ category marketing manager, said: “Our research reflected that 50% of parents/teachers think a role model being involved would be most effective to help their child remember to wash their hands. So, it was important we picked the right partner.”

To raise awareness of the partnership, WiredCo was appointed to develop the Wash Like The Wiggles campaign. The ANZ campaign – which has launched across cinema, TV, creator partnerships, earned media and multiple digital touchpoints this week – centres around a song, simple dance routine and music video that was co-created with The Wiggles.

To support it, a new Dettol Kids Colour Foaming handwash was created with The Wiggles.

David Kennedy, WiredCo. partner, said: “Being part of this coming together of two giant Australian icons in Dettol and The Wiggles was an absolute privilege for our team. For us, working with such a compelling insight and bringing that truth to life was important to solving the challenge in the freshest possible way.

Bec Brown, managing director of The Comms Department, said: “The Wiggles are one of the world’s most trusted children’s brands, and we were delighted to facilitate this collaboration with Dettol on such an impactful campaign.

“Our partnerships are purpose-driven, always aiming to foster positive change for children, making this Wiggles collaboration with Dettol truly rewarding.”

To complement the campaign, a limited edition Wash Like The Wiggles songbook has also been created for content creators, schools and media, which helps parents learn the lyrics and actions with their children.

“We understand that teaching children about hand hygiene can be as challenging as getting them to eat their veggies,” Simon Pryce, Red Wiggle said. “That’s why we’re pleased to work with Dettol on a unique approach to education that resonates with children and helps vital messages like this stick.”


Joe Stuart, Creative Lead
Sasha Thariani, Senior Account Director
Jessica Nutt, Senior Account Manager
Michael Hanly, Senior Designer
Michelle Hampton, Partner
David Kennedy, Partner

Holly McCarthy, ANZ Marketing Director
Annelie Pennock, ANZ Category Manager
Amy Vu, ANZ Dettol Senior Brand Manager
Gary Bevan, Partnerships Manager
Daniel Bunten, Digital Manger
Rebecca Antonucci, Legal Counsel
Sally Fan, Senior Associate Regulatory Affairs, R&D

The Precinct:
Emma Plummer, Producer
Di Yee, Director
Henry Motteram, MD

The Wiggles & Hot Potato Studios:
The Wiggles Cast
Aaron Hill, DOP
Kate Chiodo, Production Manager
Rachel Barlow, Production Coordinator
Michael Refalo, Photographer
Bec Brown, PR and Sponsorships – The Comms Department
Michael Hickson, PR and Sponsorships – The Comms Department

QBD books
QBD Books and Penguin Random House launch 'Grow Into A Reader' campaign with UnLtd

By Jasper Baumann

The campaign aims to raise awareness for National Pyjama Day on Friday 19 July.

QBD Books is partnering with Penguin Random House Australia this July for the Grow Into A Reader campaign to raise funds for The Pyjama Foundation.

The campaign aims to raise awareness for National Pyjama Day on Friday 19 July and funds for The Pyjama Foundation’s work instilling a love of learning for children in foster care, Australia’s lowest-performing educational group.

The partnership, facilitated by UnLtd, sees all 87 QBD Books store locations across Australia join the National Pyjama Day festivities during July.

Throughout the month, Penguin Random House will donate $1 for every book sold from the selected Pyjama Foundation promotional list as well as proceeds from the sale of every $2.99 ‘Grow Into A Reader’ height chart.

Julie Burland, CEO of Penguin Random House Australia & New Zealand said: “We are thrilled to announce our partnership with The Pyjama Foundation and QBD Books to celebrate National Pyjama Day.

“At Penguin Random House, we believe in the power of storytelling and education, and through this collaboration, we aim to provide support and educational resources to children in need. Together we can foster a love for reading, improve literacy skills and empower them to dream big. We are proud to support this meaningful initiative and look forward to the positive change we can create together.”

To help drive awareness of the official National Pyjama Day celebrations, QBD staff members will also don robes, flannelettes, and their best slippers on 19 July.

“Planting a seed to help grow the next generation of book lovers is so important to us. Reading books can open a world of opportunities for kids – be it to learn, explore, or escape. Supporting The Pyjama Foundation in partnership with Penguin Random House and their incredible authors is the perfect way to spark this enjoyment,” said QBD Books CEO, Nicholas Croydon.

All funds from the joint campaign will go directly towards the Pyjama Foundation, giving children in foster care the opportunity to change the direction of their lives with learning and life skills through a one-on-one mentoring program.

Emma Davis, general manager QLD for UnLtd said: “We’re so excited to see this beautiful partnership come to life to help raise funds and awareness for the incredible work The Pyjama Foundation do for children in foster care.

“This is our first partnership of its kind, directly between a national brand and one of our charity partners, which we are immensely proud of. Having this campaign across all QBD stores nationwide, alongside all their digital presence, is a huge awareness driver for The Pyjama Foundation. It’s a great example of the impact that can be achieved when we bring corporates together with our charities in a way that aligns with their purpose and passion.”

Bronwyn Sheehan, founder and CEO of The Pyjama Foundation said: “At The Pyjama Foundation, we believe that reading books isn’t just about literacy – it’s about enhancing the quality of life for children in foster care.

“Books open up new worlds, inspire imagination, and build the confidence these children need to thrive. Our partnership with QBD Books and Penguin Random House is a perfect match because they share our passion for the power of reading. Together, we’re helping to create brighter futures, one book at a time.”

Maven PR wins Crohn's and Colitis Australia account
Maven PR wins Crohn's and Colitis Australia account

By Amy Shapiro

Sophie Muir: “As someone who personally battles Crohn’s disease, securing the PR account for Crohn’s and Colitis Australia is profoundly significant to me.”

Public relations and communications agency Maven PR has secured the PR account for Crohn’s and Colitis Australia (CCA).

The non-profit provides support and resources for individuals affected by Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis, lifelong gastrointestinal disorders with no cure. CCA fosters a support community, promotes research, and raises public awareness about the challenges faced by individuals with inflammatory bowel disease (IBD).

Maven PR will work with CCA to spotlight its research innovations and fundraising initiatives through a media relationships campaign and influencer marketing.

“As someone who personally battles Crohn’s disease, securing the PR account for Crohn’s and Colitis Australia is profoundly significant to me,” said Sophie Muir, founder and director of Maven PR.

“This partnership is more than just a professional achievement; it’s a deeply personal mission to amplify the voices of those affected by IBD, which is an incurable illness that over 100,000 Australians suffer from. Our goal is to drive greater awareness and support for the IBD community. I am honoured to contribute my expertise and passion to an organisation that tirelessly works to improve the lives of individuals living with these challenging conditions.”

“We are delighted to partner with Maven PR and are confident that their expertise and dedication will significantly enhance our advocacy and awareness efforts,” added Leanne Raven, CEO of Crohn’s and Colitis Australia.

“With Sophie Muir’s personal connection to Crohn’s disease, we believe this collaboration will bring a unique and heartfelt perspective to our mission, helping us reach and support even more individuals affected by IBD.”

“With Sophie Muir’s personal connection to Crohn’s disease, we believe this collaboration will bring a unique and heartfelt perspective to our mission, helping us reach and support even more individuals affected by IBD.”

Earlier this year, Ardent Agency was appointed to lead the PR campaign for The Fred Hollows Foundation, similarly supporting the non-profit across earned media relations, ambassador procurement, influencer engagement, and social media amplification for two major community fundraising events in 2024.

See also: Ardent to lead PR for The Fred Hollows Foundation

TV Ratings
TV Ratings 8 July 2024: MasterChef contestants unbox golden tickets

By Jasper Baumann

Dana was in danger during Home and Away.

Monday 8 July 2024: VOZ Total TV Ratings Overnight Top 30 – Programs ranked on reach

Total People TV Ratings

Nine’s Do You Want To Live Forever recorded a total TV national reach of 1,607,000, a total TV national audience of 649,000, and a BVOD audience of 54,000.

Nine’s A Current Affair recorded a total TV national reach of 1,681,000, a total TV national audience of 1,121,000, and a BVOD audience of 79,000.

Seven’s Dream Home recorded a total TV national reach of 1,433,000, a total TV national audience of 746,000, and a BVOD audience of 51,000.

Also on Seven, Home & Away recorded a total TV national reach of 1,313,000, a total TV national audience of 869,000, and a BVOD audience of 84,000.

10’s airing of MasterChef recorded a total TV national reach of 1,357,000, a total TV national audience of 746,000, and a BVOD audience of 69,000.

10’s airing of Have You Been Paying Attention? recorded a total TV national reach of 1,396,000, a total TV national audience of 763,000, and a BVOD audience of 41,000.

See Also: TV Report 8 July 2024: Final judging begins on Dream Home

People 25-54

Nine’s Do You Want To Live Forever:
• Total TV nation reach: 473,000
• National Audience: 180,000
• BVOD Audience: 29,000

Nine’s A Current Affair:
• Total TV nation reach: 481,000
• National Audience: 290,000
• BVOD Audience: 42,000

10’s MasterChef:
• Total TV nation reach: 488,000
• National Audience: 250,000 
• BVOD Audience: 38,000

Seven’s Dream Home:
• Total TV nation reach: 470,000
• National Audience: 251,000
• BVOD Audience: 30,000

Seven’s Home & Away:
• Total TV nation reach: 403,000
• National Audience: 272,000
• BVOD Audience: 48,000

10’s Have You Been Paying Attention?
• Total TV nation reach: 528,000
• National Audience: 324,000
• BVOD Audience: 24,000

People 16-39

Nine’s Do You Want To Live Forever:
• Total TV nation reach: 201,000
• National Audience: 75,000
• BVOD Audience: 14,000

Nine’s A Current Affair:
• Total TV nation reach: 221,000
• National Audience: 121,000
• BVOD Audience: 21,000

10’s MasterChef:
• Total TV nation reach: 218,000
• National Audience: 116,000 
• BVOD Audience: 21,000

Seven’s Dream Home:
• Total TV nation reach: 173,000
• National Audience: 97,000
• BVOD Audience: 16,000

Seven’s Home & Away:
• Total TV nation reach: 161,000
• National Audience: 112,000
• BVOD Audience: 29,000

10’s Have You Been Paying Attention?
• Total TV nation reach: 216,000
• National Audience: 131,000
• BVOD Audience: 13,000

Grocery Shoppers 18+ TV Ratings

Nine’s Do You Want To Live Forever:
• Total TV nation reach: 1,245,000
• National Audience: 504,000
• BVOD Audience: 43,000

Nine’s A Current Affair:
• Total TV nation reach: 1,300,000
• National Audience: 870,000
• BVOD Audience: 64,000

10’s MasterChef:
• Total TV nation reach: 1,072,000
• National Audience: 597,000 
• BVOD Audience: 56,000

Seven’s Dream Home:
• Total TV nation reach: 1,140,000
• National Audience: 596,000
• BVOD Audience: 42,000

Seven’s Home & Away:
• Total TV nation reach: 1,032,000
• National Audience: 688,000
• BVOD Audience: 67,000

10’s Have You Been Paying Attention?
• Total TV nation reach: 1,105,000
• National Audience: 618,000
• BVOD Audience: 33,000

Data © OzTAM and Regional TAM 2024. Not to be reproduced, published or communicated (electronically or in hard copy) in whole or in part, without prior written consent of OzTAM and Regional TAM.

Dream Home_S1_ Grand final winners Rhys and Liam 2
TV Report 9 July 2024: Rhys and Liam claim the 2024 Dream Home crown

By Jasper Baumann

The Project spoke to Teddy Swims.

TV Report 9 July 2024:

Nine TV Report


Nine’s evening saw Day 9 of Wimbledon.

Matches last night included: Lulu Sun (NZL) v Donna Vekic (CRO), Jannik Sinner (ITA) v Daniil Medvedev, Jasmine Paolini (ITA) v Emma Navarro (USA), Carlos Alcaraz (ESP) v Tommy Paul (USA).

A Current Affair

Over on A Current Affair, the program met with experts who believe housing plays a key role in fixing the mental health crisis and investigated the rental concept of offering bill-free, affordable units. 

Seven TV Report

Dream Home

On Seven, Queensland tradie brothers Rhys and Liam Almond delivered a tropical backyard renovation, scoring 37.5 out of 40 to claim the title of 2024 Dream Home champions and $100,000 in prize money.

Home & Away

Before Dream Home was Home & Away as Dana escaped Bronte unharmed, Irene was shattered and Kirby played cupid.

10 TV Report

The Project

The Project on 10 looked into calls for more funding to fight domestic violence, the fastest woman in Australia heading to Paris and spoke to Teddy Swims.

MasterChef Australia

On 10’s MasterChef, chef Josh Niland pushed the contestant to their limits with a unique dish from his restaurant, St. Peter. They had to each recreate his dish as closely as possible.

The Cheap Seats

Taking a look at the week that was were The Cheap Seats hosts Melanie Bracewell and Tim McDonald as Mel Tracina, Olympian Anna Meares and comedian Lana Walters joined in on the action.



Senator Fatima Payman’s resignation has renewed debate on Labor’s caucus rules and the fight to save the dingo is being supported by Indigenous farmers.


Great British Railway Journeys

Michael Portillo reaches England’s south coast to continue his exploration of post-war Britain. He begins in Dorset on the Swanage Railway, riding a glorious 1940s steam locomotive. He is on the trail of one of Britain’s most popular children’s authors, Enid Blyton.

Business of Media

Down to a two-horse race for ABC’s News Breakfast host Lisa Millar’s replacement

Who will replace Lisa Millar, who last week announced that she was ditching the comfy couch on ABC’s News Breakfast program for the dust and dirt of hit show Muster Dogs?, reports News Corp’s James Madden and Sophie Elsworth.

Millar, who has co-hosted the news program for five years alongside Michael Rowland, is a big loss, as she managed to deftly handle the challenges of a timeslot that demands both political gravitas and lighthearted banter.

Millar was adept at flicking the switch between the two, which is no small feat.

As for her successor, Diary understands it’s down to a two-horse race.

The favourite is Bridget Brennan, a Dja Dja Wurrung and Yorta Yorta woman who has been filling in for Millar while she has been travelling around the country filming Muster Dogs.

See also: Lisa Millar to farewell ABC News Breakfast in August

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Kyle and Jackie O trounced by rivals in Melbourne’s breakfast war

ARN Media’s $200 million flagship program, The Kyle and Jackie O Show, has failed to grow its audience in Melbourne, posting a 5.9 per cent share in the second survey since expanding into the market, reports Nine Publishing’s Calum Jaspan.

Nova’s Jase and Lauren show, whose hosts Jason Hawkins and Lauren Phillips were sacked by KIIS FM to make way for Sydney duo Kyle Sandilands and Jackie “O” Henderson, again grew its share. It is now the third-most popular program in the breakfast slot.

See also: Melbourne Radio Ratings 2024 Survey 4: 3AW on top, Kyle & Jackie O flat

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Meta claims news is not an antidote to misinformation on its platforms

Meta has claimed news is not the antidote to misinformation and disinformation spreading on Facebook and Instagram, as the company continues to push back against being forced to pay media companies for news in Australia, reports The Guardian‘s Josh Taylor.

Meta announced in March it would not enter into new agreements with media companies to pay for news following the end of contracts signed in 2021 under the Morrison government’s news media bargaining code.

The assistant treasurer, Stephen Jones, is considering whether the Albanese government should use powers under the news media bargaining code legislation to “designate” Meta under the code, which would force the tech company to enter negotiations for payment with news providers, or risk fines of 10% of its Australian revenue.

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Opinion: Game over for Kotaku, Lifehacker and Gizmodo. Is this truly the end of Australian gaming journalism?

In 2006 I was fired from my job at EB Games. It was, with the benefit of hindsight, a well-earned dismissal. One Sunday I’d set up a camera and filmed myself jumping over a stack of boxes and hip thrusting at a stranger. Then I uploaded that highly pixelated video of an emo-fringed teenager in a black shirt and slacks to YouTube. Ah, the innocence of youth, reports The Guardian‘s Jackson Ryan.

My area manager saw the video about eight months later. I was fired on the spot. (Today, of course, this would probably be some sort of TikTok trend.)

Ten years later I landed a job at the video game and culture website Kotaku Australia and its sister sites, Lifehacker and Gizmodo. Those brands kickstarted my career.

See also: Changes to Pedestrian brand licences as CEO announces departure

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New Hollywood mogul David Ellison tackles daunting to-do list after Paramount deal

David Ellison mastered flying planes in his teens. Now, Hollywood’s newest mogul has to avoid a hard landing in merging his Skydance Media and Paramount Global, reports The Wall Street Journal‘s Jessica Toonkel and Joe Flint.

Hours after the merger was announced, Ellison on Monday made the kind of cautious remarks one would expect from someone seeking to win over skeptics from across the entertainment industry, on Wall Street and among Paramount executives.

See also: Paramount Global and Skydance Media to merge

[Read More]

A diminished Hollywood welcomes a new mogul

In 1994, when Sumner M. Redstone bought Paramount Pictures for about $10 billion, the equivalent of about $22 billion today, he did more than just take over a company. He ascended a cultural throne, reports The New York Times‘ Brooks Barnes.

Studios like Paramount — founded in the 1910s, operating soundstage complexes and controlling vast film libraries — were valuable businesses on the verge of hitting a mother lode: the DVD. Perhaps more important, however, they gave their owners a precious identity as certified members of the cultural elite.

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Alex Cooper has Gen Z’s attention. Can she keep it?

Alex Cooper made waves in 2021 when she inked a three-year, $60 million deal with Spotify for Call Her Daddy, her raunchy podcast about sex and dating that became a slick sit-down interview show. Now that the agreement is approaching its end, she has her sights set on a much bigger entertainment empire, reports The Wall Street Journal‘s Sara Ashleigh O’Brien

Last year, she and her film-producer husband, Matt Kaplan, founded Trending, a media company aimed at Gen Z audiences. Through a subsidiary called Unwell, she is recruiting online personalities to host new podcasts, looking for buzzy books to option and developing reality shows. Cooper is also on the hunt for a new distribution partner for her podcast, and she’s hoping to pocket $100 million in her next deal, according to people familiar with the matter, a hefty sum in an industry that has retrenched since its frothiest days.

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Winners of Dream Home 2024 announced in nailbiting finale

The winners of this year’s series of Channel 7’s Dream Home have finally been revealed during a nailbiting finale that saw the culmination of months of tireless work, as well as a flurry of baffled tweets from viewers, reports News Corp’s Joshua Haigh.

Last night, Dream Home’s semi-final episode saw three teams eliminated – Brad and Mel, Hannah and Jonny, and Jacinta and Jordan – after they failed to achieve high enough scores for the final episode.

The three teams that accumulated the highest scores throughout the season and made it to the final were Lara and PeterTaeler and Elle and Rhys and Liam.

See also: Dream Home crowns the winners of inaugural season

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The Twelve is back, with new cast, new crime, old Trojan horse tactics

For the second season of Foxtel’s award-winning drama The Twelve (three AACTAs, three Logies for 2022’s first season), the location and most of the cast are new. But the central premise – a multitude of micro-plots revolving around a central courtroom drama – as well as Sam Neill as the criminal defence barrister Brett Colby, remain, reports Nine Publishing’s Karl Quinn.

The action, this time, takes place in a remote town in Western Australia, to which Colby has been flown to defend one of two people accused of murder. He represents Patrick Harrows (Erroll Shand), an itinerant farmworker who may or may not have had a role in the death of his employer, Bernice Price (Kris McQuade), a crotchety old landholder with no shortage of enemies in the tiny town of Tunkwell.

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‘Gladiator 2’ trailer: Paul Mescal faces off Against Pedro Pascal and Denzel Washington in Ridley Scott’s action-packed sequel

It’s time to step back into the ring as Paramount Pictures has debuted the official trailer for Ridley Scott’s Gladiator 2, starring Paul Mescal as a grown-up Lucius. The long-anticipated sequel is set for release on Nov. 22, reports Variety Australia‘s Zack Sharf and Jaden Thompson.

Lucius is the son of Lucilla (Connie Nielsen) and the nephew of Commodus, the original film’s antagonist played by Joaquin Phoenix. He was portrayed as a child by Spencer Treat Clark in the original Gladiator movie.

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“Fantasist”: David Wenham spills on Fake’s Joe Burt

Since new local drama Fake has premiered on Paramount+ word of mouth has been spreading of the volatile relationship depicted between Birdie Bell (Asher Keddie) and Joe Burt (David Wenham), reports TV Tonight‘s David Knox.

How could Birdie have let it go on so long? Didn’t she see the red flags? What was Joe’s ultimate motivation?

The 8 part series, inspired by Stephanie Wood’s book follows on from her Good Weekend article in which she revealed she was the victim of a scam.

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Doug Liman and Tom Cruise are still “Talking About” doing an ‘Edge of Tomorrow’ sequel

Doug Liman and Tom Cruise haven’t shut down the idea of an Edge of Tomorrow sequel quite yet, Carly Thomas.

Ten years following the release of the 2014 sci-fi action film, the filmmaker told Empire magazine that he and the actor “keep talking about” doing a follow-up because “we love that world.”

“Tom and I just actually rewatched it about two months ago, because I hadn’t seen it in 10 years,” Liman added. “I was like, ‘Wow, that is a really good movie.’”

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