Mercado on TV: Three outstanding dramas to catch over Easter

• The Secrets She Keeps dropped on 10 play last weekend

Two outstanding Australian dramas, Bloom (Stan) and The Secrets She Keeps (10 play), and a stunning Scandi noir drama Twin (SBS) are all available for you to binge this Easter.

The first season of Bloom came to a perfect, stand-alone ending, but having now watched the first two episodes of its second season, there is a good reason for its to be back. Legendary actors Jacki Weaver, Bryan Brown, Terry Norris, Genevieve Morris, Phoebe Tonkin, Tom Budge, John Stanton and Rod Mullinar are all back, but there are also new cast members like Jacqueline McKenzie, Ben Oxenbould and Gary Sweet.

The second season zeroes in on Anne Charleston, who returns to play the uptight Loris. After eating the strange flower that turns old people young again, she transforms into Bella Heathcote, leading the town’s hot priest (Toby Schmitz) to think it is a “miracle”, even though “hot priest” is an oxymoron today, given most are old and/or in jail.

The Secrets She Keeps dropped on 10 play last weekend and having not seen the trailer, I was able to binge the whole thing without any plot spoilers whatsoever. I thought it was terrific and of all the recent attempts by Aussie FTA networks to create their own female-led version of Big Little Lies (e.g. Bad Mothers, Secret Bridesmaids Business etc), this is the best one yet.

It stars Aussie actress Jessica De Gouw, best known for working overseas, and Laura Carmichael, best known for playing Downton Abbey’s Lady Edith. They are both sensational, as are Michael Dorman, Ryan Corr and Elizabeth Alexander (47 years after Seven Little Australians). It is also good to see some fresh and culturally diverse actors playing the crime investigators.

Another one to binge this Easter is Twin (SBS On Demand), a new Nordic thriller about twin brothers, who surf … in the Arctic circle. Like all good twin stories, there’s plenty of mistaken identity and the island scenery is spectacular.

Also check out Guilt (Thursday on BBC First), a Scottish drama about more troublesome brothers. The accents are thick, but the opening scene, pre-credits, is an absolute cracker and will demand you watch more.

MasterChef Australia (Easter Monday on 10) gets off to a great start with an all-star cast of returning contestants and three new judges, as introduced by guest chef Gordon Ramsay. And Modern Family (Wednesday on Seven) finally wraps up after 11 years and 250 episodes.

Happy Easter everyone, stay home and watch TV.

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