Mercado on TV: The Lost Flowers of Alice Hart the next big Logie winner?


Plus Mercado’s plan to improve the Logies by splitting the broadcast in two

The Logie Awards are over for another year, but here’s a hot tip for next year: The Lost Flowers of Alice Hart (Prime Video).

This extraordinary new Aussie drama can be tough viewing at times because of its depictions of domestic violence (hence trigger warnings before watching). There’s a lot to unpack about why this is happening, but it is also hopeful and beautiful, thanks to stunning locations at a NSW coastal town, flower farm and volcanic crater in the outback, and an amazing cast.


The Lost Flowers of Alice Hart: Sigourney Weaver

Sigourney Weaver is magnificent, as are Alyla Browne and Alycia Debnam-Carey both playing her granddaughter. There’s brilliant support from Leah Purcell, Frankie Adams, Mexican TV superstar Sebastian Zurita, and Asher Keddie and Alexander England as a troubled couple, having last been seen living happily ever after on Offspring (Paramount+) when it ended in 2017.


The Lost Flowers of Alice Hart: Leah Purcell

I was amazed to discover on this week’s TV Gold podcast that the book The Lost Flowers of Alice Hart is based on was written by Holly Ringland, the co-host of the ABC nature series Back To Nature (iview). This adaptation of her novel, by showrunner Sarah Lambert, Kirsty Fisher and Kim Wilson, is something to be proud of. For more, don’t miss our extra special podcast about it.

Making the Logie Awards better

Now to the Logies where the move from Nine to Seven didn’t result in it being a better show. Therefore, a total overhaul is needed. Here are My Top 5 on what works, and what doesn’t at the Logie Awards:

TV WEEK Logie Awards

• Sam Pang was terrific.

• As seen on The Cheap Seats this week, the scenes selected for Best Actor and Actress nominees are ridiculous. Every moment shows somebody crying, screaming or being stressed. How about showing some happy and tender moments that make people want to watch Aussie drama, rather than laughing at it?

• Barry Humphries got a longer In Memoriam dedication from Karl Stefanovic because his contribution to television was vast. Olivia Newton-John then got similar treatment from Natalie Barr but why? Olivia was an icon, no question, but her career was always more about charity work, music, and movies. However, Kate Miller-Heidke singing “Xanadu” during In Memoriam was perfection.

• The general consensus seems to be the Logies are cringeworthy – it could be because the telecast is so ridiculously disjointed and repetitive. How about splitting the show into two parts? Start with every Most Popular category, telling the audience how these are their people’s choice picks. Then in the second half, explain how the Most Outstanding awards are different because they are voted for by the industry. Then it ends with the Gold Logie.

• Daryl Somers was terrible. Never again.

Top image: Alyla Browne and Tilda Cobham-Hervey in The Lost Flowers of Alice Hart

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