Mercado on TV: Colin From Accounts joins the ranks of iconic Australian TV comedies

Colin From Accounts

For its second series, Colin is becoming less important as the human cast expands.

The good news – there is a new series of Colin From Accounts (Foxtel/Binge). The bad news – there isn’t much competition from other Aussie comedies because scripted content, including drama, is down 55% since the early 2000s.

Scripted comedies have never been an Aussie specialty, despite all of us being brought up on a steady diet of US and UK fare. There have been some enduring classics though, like (the original) Mother And Son, Frontline, Kath & Kim, Upper Middle Bogan and Fisk.

Patrick Brammall, Harriet Dyer and Zak in Colin From Accounts

Colin From Accounts is a rom-com about a dog who brings together an unlikely couple (played by Patrick Brammall and Harriet Dyer who also write the show). Aussie TV has done good dog sitcoms (Wilfred) and some bad ones (The Bob Morrison Show), but this one has proved to be its own beast and is now enjoyed all over the world. 

For its second series, Colin is becoming less important as the human cast expands. There are new guest stars like Virginia Hey, Celeste Barber, Justin Rosniak, John Howard and Arka Das. They join returning regulars like Michael Logo, Emma Harvie, Helen Thomson, Darren Gilshernan, Annie Maynard and Tony Llewellyn-Jones.

Comedy is really hard to do, especially with today’s armchair critics on social media who can destroy the show on night one. That makes commercial TV very hesitant to even try, hence the complete lack of Aussie sitcoms anywhere except for Foxtel and the ABC.

The benefits for those who try can be enormous. Sitcoms with multiple viewings lead to lots of residuals that can keep flowing for years. There’s also the possibility that the Americans will pay heaps of money to remake it, even though there’s a good chance they will muck it up.

Colin From Accounts doesn’t need to be remade because it’s perfect the way it is. It is distinctly Aussie, without hitting you over the head with it, and it’s great to have it back. 

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