Mediaweek TV Guide – Weekend Friday 9 September 2016 – 11 September 2016

Recommendations by Andrew Mercado

The Best of Carry On
8.35pm on Fox Classics
Over the past week, Foxtel has been screening two Carry on movies a night – and they have been classics too. However, that falls apart tonight when they air Carry On England, a sad effort from 1976 when the franchise was dying, along with most of its regulars. With 31 films to choose from, why pick the one that doesn’t feature favourites like Sid James, Kenneth Williams, Hattie Jacques or Barbara Windsor? Definitely not the best.

The Sexual Evolution Marathon
From 8.30pm on World Movies
For the past week, SBS’ movie channel has been screening some classic movies about sex. Tonight and tomorrow, there are marathon re-screenings of films like Marriage Italian Style (from 1964 with Sophia Loren) Belle De Jour, Deep Throat, Last Tango In Paris and The Story of O all the way up to Caligula.

A Place To Call Home
8.30pm on showcase
The fourth series picks up where the last one ended, with Elizabeth (Noni Hazlehurst) slumping to the ground after a heart attack. Don’t worry, of course she’ll survive, but another death does happen in this episode as the evil Regina (Jenni Baird) starts spiking medicine with poison. Last season’s guest stars Mark Lee and Tim Drawl are back, as is series creator Bevan Lee, who took a sabbatical last time as the series moved from Seven to Foxtel. Marta Dusseldorp’s final line in tonight’s cliffhanger is classic Bevan Lee dialogue. And with juicy material like this, the drama should be a shoo-in for another series.

9/11: The Plane That Hit the Pentagon
7.30pm on National Geographic
The 15 year anniversary of the Twin Towers collapse is remembered today from 2.30pm but the new documentaries don’t start till prime time as this special is followed by 9/11: The Longest War. The special about the Pentagon should be fascinating in explaining why hardly any footage of this crash has ever surfaced.

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