Mediaweek TV Guide – Thursday 2 June 2016

Your guide to the best and most interesting TV each night. Today’s guide compiled by Andrew Mercado [AM] and Dan Barrett [DB]

Cleverman – 9.30pm on ABC
The best two hours of television all week begins tonight with the third episode of Rake followed by the premiere of this acclaimed new, totally original, Aussie Dreamtime supernatural series! A co-production between Australia, New Zealand and America’s Sundance Channel (where it has just premiered first a few hours before Aunty), the six-part drama has a brilliant cast that includes The Sapphires’ Hunter Page-Lochard, Game of ThronesIain Glen, Deborah Mailman, Frances O’Connor, Ryan Corr, Lynette Curran and the wonderful Jack Charles. [AM]

Unreal – Season 1 on Stan
With season two of Unreal debuting next week on Stan, it is a great time to either rewatch or catch up on the show that offers a backstage look at the way reality TV shows are put together. A fake version of The Bachelor is at the heart of this show, revealing the shady and morally bankrupt decision-making that goes into delivering great TV moments. It’s a wonderfully fun satire that doesn’t require that you’re a fan of reality shows. But it certainly doesn’t hurt if you are. [DB]

Jane The Virgin – 8.30pm on Eleven
This Foxtel favourite makes its free-to-air debut tonight. Based on a Venezuelan telenovela, its crazy premise sees a young girl artificially inseminated by mistake. Many people have told me how much they love this show and I really don’t have time of another series. But then again, I did enjoy Ugly Betty (another telenovela adaptation) back in the day. [AM]

Scandal – 8.30pm on SoHo
Why is there such a delay with certain series making it to Foxtel? While Presto wraps up Season 5 Express from the US, Season 3 begins tonight with new recurring star Lisa Kudrow. [AM]

Dogging Tales – 11:05PM on SBS
One suspects that a documentary about the culture of ‘dogging’ won’t be for everyone, but it is helpful to know why sometimes it isn’t a great idea to loiter in otherwise empty carparks late at night by yourself. ‘Dogging’ is a British euphemism for engaging in a sex act while others watch, with this documentary featuring stories told by real life doggers. Please note: this series does not feature any border collies. Unless that’s also code for something. [DB]

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