November 1: Big hair and Gold Coast doctors

first dates

Andrew Mercado’s rundown on what to watch on the box tonight

First Dates 7.30pm on Seven

After its success earlier this year, Seven has rushed another series to air and now it’s in an earlier timeslot too. This is arguably the best new reality series of the year because many can relate to the awkwardness of a first date. And because the concept is so simple, it feels like this is not being overly manipulated by producers behind the scenes. The first series is currently airing in the UK because the Brits cannot get enough of their own version, the original.

Jamie’s Super Food Family Classics 7.30pm on TEN

When TEN gets to the end of the year without a reality franchise, Jamie Oliver is called into action to fill the gaps. And while the ratings never match the heat generated by his kitchen, his shows never fail to entertain or educate. This is his 28th TV show and the 29th, Jamie’s Night Before Christmas, must also be coming soon.

Joanna Lumley: Elvis and Me 8.30pm on ABC

The latest travel doco is personal for Lumley as she travels to Elvis Presley’s hometown to learn more about her teen idol. As she explores Graceland and talks to Priscilla Presley, she also reveals that Patsy’s laugh from Ab Fab is an homage to The King himself. Delightful stuff.

Gold Coast Medical 8.30pm on Seven

Is the Gold Coast (Medical, Cops, What Really Happens On …) engaged in a battle to spawn more TV shows than Bondi (Rescue, Vet, Ink Tattoo)? At the moment it’s neck and neck for reality series, but if you factor in soaps, then the Gold Coast (Paradise Beach, Pacific Drive) beats Bondi (Breakers). And let us not forget the Gold Coast also gave us Aussie cop dramas The Strip and Shark’s Paradise. Bondi, you can do better.

Supergirl 8.50pm on Fox 8

Wonder Woman fans were beside themselves with excitement last week when Lynda Carter debuted as the President. Not only were there in-jokes to her campy 70s TV series, but the closing shot suggested her campaign to be more welcoming to aliens could be quite personal. Also tonight, Aussie Neighbours star Dichen Lachman guest stars in an “underground alien fight club” episode.

Love, Nina 8.30pm on BBC First

Faye Marsay (Game Of Thrones’ Waif) stars alongside Helena Bonham Carter in this Brit dramedy about a barefoot nanny and a crazy family. The five-part series, set in 1982, has been adapted for television from Nina Stibbe’s original novel by novelist Nick Hornby.

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