Mediaweek TV Guide – 28 June 2016

Mediaweek’s TV obsessives Andrew Mercado and Dan Barrett offer viewing suggestions for tonight.

8.30pm on Ten

Special guest star tonight is Michelle Obama – and why not? This is still the world’s most watched TV drama with over 16 million viewers every week in the US alone. With that many eyeballs, it’s no wonder the White House allowed it to become the first TV drama to film inside. [AM]

The Grinder
8pm on Eleven

New US sitcom about an actor who played a TV lawyer (Rob Lowe) returning to his hometown to work in the family business as lawyer, despite his lack of training. While much is made of Lowe playing the older brother of The Wonder Year’s Fred Savage, most miss that their father is played by the wonderful William Devane. He is known for playing Kennedy brothers, 24 and one of the most interesting and complex villains ever seen on a nighttime soap, Greg Sumner in 269 episodes of Knots Landing. [AM]

Ray Donovan
8.30pm on Showcase

Series 4 screens Express from the US with Liv Schreiber’s title character exploring his Catholicism in the wake of his confession last season that he murdered the priest who had once molested him. The incredible supporting cast this season includes James Woods, Ian McShane, Steven Bauer, Elliott Gould, Hank Azaria, The Cosby Show’s Lisa Bonet and of course, Jon Voight whose character is hiding out from authorities in the desert. [AM]

Troll Hunters
8:30pm on SBS2

Beauty vlogger Em Ford was a victim of online abuse and fought back. Assisted by technology journalist David McClelland, Em investigates the threat of Internet trolls. The doco copped a bit of flack in the UK for some questionable interview subjects featured throughout the show. [DB]

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