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Helen Graney new group MD for Weber Shandwick and Jack Morton

Weber Shandwick and Jack Morton have jointly announced the appointment of Helen Graney (pictured) as group managing director of both Australian businesses.

Graney’s extended role sees her join Weber Shandwick as the agency continues its pivot towards data-driven, human-led solutions that help organisations better manage technology driven disruption.

Each agency will retain its separate brand entity and maintain independent clients as well as employees.

Operating from the same building, Weber Shandwick and Jack Morton have accelerated a collaborative approach to problem solving under the Interpublic Group’s Open Architecture initiative, and in response to a growing client demand for deeper integration of services. With Graney at the helm, the two agencies will have the opportunity to better leverage talent across both teams in areas of integrated thinking, planning and ideation.

Graney will report to Baxter Jolly, CEO Asia Pacific, Weber Shandwick and Julian Pullan, Vice Chairman, President International, Jack Morton. She will work closely with Ian Rumsby, Chairman Australia and Chair Strategy, Asia Pacific, Weber Shandwick, and regional lead for United Minds, Weber Shandwick’s global management consultancy specialising in transformation.

“We are delighted at the opportunity to bring someone of Helen’s calibre into the Weber Shandwick business,” said Jolly. “Her disciplined, ambitious and forward-thinking approach to leadership of clients and people is something I’ve admired for a long time and I am truly excited at the potential she brings to our own transformation journey.”

With more than 20 years’ experience across integrated marketing, brand experience, and event management, Graney has been managing director of Jack Morton since 2009.

Graney commented, “In Australia, Weber Shandwick and Jack Morton have enjoyed a burgeoning relationship for several years, and particularly over the past twelve months we’ve worked more closely to bring collective solutions to complex assignments, in concert.

“Both agencies have an unrivalled passion for creating truly innovative, data-led and game-changing solutions for clients. I am looking forward to the potential to further strengthening that collective aptitude.”

Former oOh!media sales executive to run transit media co XTD

Digital transit media company XTD Limited has appointed Adam Cadwallader (pictured), as chief executive officer (CEO) and managing director to succeed interim CEO Jason Byrne effective 1 August 2019.

Cadwallader has been in the media industry for over 25 years with the last 19 years spent in the out-of-home media sector where most recently he was group sales strategy director for oOh!media (oOh!), Australia’s largest outdoor company.

During the last seven years, Cadwallader has grown oOh!’s place based media business Locate by oOh! organically and by acquisitions including the integration of Office Media companies, Inlink and Executive Channel Network.

Cadwallader commented:

“I’m incredibly excited to join the XTD business and look forward to working closely with the board to develop a new strategic plan that grows the business by connecting brands with engaged audiences.”


Nine has announced next crime special from producer Mark Llewellyn

Just weeks after NSW Police posted a reward of $1 million to solve one of Australia’s most disturbing unsolved murders, a new episode in the Murders, Lies & Alibis series, The Beauty Queen Killers, will reveal new evidence and secrets in the murder of teenage beauty queen Bronwyne Richardson, and sensationally features an interview with the main suspect.  

Murder Uncovered EP Mark Llewellyn

In a riveting two-part investigation, a year in the making, reporter and executive producer Mark Llewellyn and Australia’s premier forensic criminologist Dr Xanthe Mallett discover new evidence never put before a jury.

The episode comes to a climax when a secret witness names the person who they claim allegedly strangled 17-year-old Bronwyne before she was thrown into the Murray River; a man police let slip through their fingers.

The unsolved murder of Bronwyne is one of the greatest mysteries in Australian criminal history, still making headlines more than 40 years after her murder.

“In recent weeks, the previous $200,000 reward has been increased by $800 000, and no wonder, because walking amongst us to this day is the ringleader who led the savage torture and murder of Bronwyne,” said Llewellyn.

“She deserves justice and he deserves jail. This is the $1 million cold case the police are desperate to solve. Our investigation opens up dramatic new leads and delivers answers that will stun many.”

Bronwyne was a title-winning beauty queen in Albury with a jealous ex-boyfriend and an obsessed cousin. She had been stalked and received death threats that left her terrified.

On Friday, October 12, 1973 she was dragged into a car full of men in front of witnesses on one of Albury’s main streets. Less than half an hour later she was dead…raped, strangled and thrown into the Murray River to drown, with her body discovered two days later.

Her post mortem had to be re-done, forensic evidence was lost, and detectives were disciplined for how they handled the original case. Police got nowhere until TV legend Derryn Hinch blew the cold case wide open in 1989 on his current affairs show.

After a Hinch story aired, police in South Australia received two anonymous phone calls running through intimate details of the murder and naming Geoff Brown as the main suspect. It was the biggest lead in the case for more than 15 years, yet when South Australia police passed on the information to their NSW colleagues, nothing was done.

Murders, Lies & Alibis episode The Beauty Queen Killers screens on Monday, July 15 and Tuesday, July 16 at 9.15pm on Nine.

Game of Thrones prequel: George R.R. Martin reveals Westeros family that will be missing

HBO’s hotly anticipated prequel to Game of Thrones, Bloodmoon, which will star Naomi Watts has not revealed many details but George R.R. Martin has revealed the Westeros family that surprisingly won’t feature in the show reports The New York Posts Lauren Sarner.

In a new interview with EW, George R.R. Martin spilled the beans about a few key details and while it will be hard to compete with Game of Thrones, which is available to stream on Foxtel, it sounds pretty exciting.

First, forget the seven kingdoms of Game of Thrones — this world will have a whopping 100.

“We talk about the Seven Kingdoms of Westeros; there were Seven Kingdoms at the time of Aegon’s Conquest,” Martin explained.

“But if you go back further then there are nine kingdoms and 12 kingdoms, and eventually, you get back to where there are a hundred kingdoms — petty kingdoms — and that’s the era we’re talking about here.”

He also confirmed that ancient Starks will be part of this world, as will Direwolves and White Walkers … and mammoths. That’s right, get ready for prehistoric Westeros.

Interestingly, although there will be Starks, he said there would be no Lannisters. Their ancestral home of Casterly Rock will be occupied by the Casterlys.

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Em Rusciano opens up about Wilosophy interview “I was trying to blow my life up”

Em Rusciano has opened up about her infamous interview in May 2018, where she unleashed a profanity-laden rant in an interview with Wil Anderson on his Wilosophy podcast reports

Rusciano quit her gig on the 2Day FM breakfast show last September after radio insiders revealed that she created a “toxic work environment” at her station.

In May 2018, Rusciano had also unleashed a profanity-laden rant in an interview with Wil Anderson’s Wilosophy podcast.

In the chat, Rusciano had criticised co-workers and admitted she was not suited to breakfast radio.

In an Instagram question and answer session this week, one of Rusciano’s followers asked if she “ever regretted doing something that changed your career dramatically”.

“No,” Rusciano replied. “I think you’re referring to the Wilosophy podcast and you know I did listen back to that and I realised I was trying to self-sabotage.

“I was obviously trying to blow my life up because I was not very happy. So in hindsight, that was a good thing.”

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Sports Media

Kevin Bartlett’s farewell message to audience after split with SEN

The biggest irony about Kevin Bartlett’s SEN departure was it came on the same day his drive program provided SEN’s biggest ratings spike, reports the Herald Sun.

Meanwhile, after being unable to complete a final show on air, Bartlett has since taken to social media to thank his loyal fans.

“I would like to say how much I’ve enjoyed my time at SEN over all these years and look back with pride to see how the station has evolved over all that time,” Bartlett wrote.

“I’d like to thank all the people who have helped me over the years and I’m humbled by the gracious comments made by so many people over the last few days on hearing the news of my resignation.

“I’d like to acknowledge the professional way in which Craig Hutchison has handled my resignation and appreciate his kind comments in his press statement.

“Finally, I’d like to thank the listeners of SEN who have always supported and encouraged me on radio and TV and who have allowed me to remain totally involved in not just AFL but all sports in this great city…and hopefully we’ve all had a bit of fun along the way.”

The AFL legend hosted his last program with the sports station on Monday afternoon.

Anthony Hudson and Terry Wallace filled in for Tuesday’s drivetime shift.

Bartlett’s long-term on-air partner Dr Turf (aka John Rothfield) is currently holidaying overseas.

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English press go on the attack as The Sun sledges Aussie cricket team ahead of semi-final

Australia have been cordial in the lead up to their semi-final with England but now the English press has gone on the attack, insulting them with some nasty sledging reports’s Paul Johnson.

Australia might be taking the moral high ground on the field these days but off it the English press is up to their usual tricks, with one newspaper lighting the fuse for the Cricket World Cup semi-final at Edgbaston.

UK tabloid The Sun went after Justin Langer’s side for their casual approach to preparing for the game as the Aussies walked a lap of Edgbaston barefoot before talking cricket with each other.

The paper splashed its insult at the Aussies across the back page branding them “Silly Aussoles” in a piece with a fake byline of “Graham Bunions”.

The sledgefest continued as the paper labelled it the “bonkers barefoot ritual the batty Aussies believe will help KO England”.

It then claimed that “the toezos from Down Under have such an appalling record at Edgbaston that the semi-final will surely end in glorious DEFEET for them”.

The paper also suggested the practice the Aussies were going for was earthing — a tactic employed by NSW Origin coach Brad Fittler whereby it is claimed that one connects the body with the earth’s energy by the direct contact between foot and ground — but that was refuted by coach Langer as nothing but nonsense.

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