Making waves at Pacific: Wendy Moore departs, Louisa Hatfield promoted

Seven West Media’s publishing division Pacific has revealed it is loosing its face of Home Beautiful.

Seven West Media’s publishing division Pacific has revealed it is losing its face of Home Beautiful and its general manager of homes and food, Wendy Moore.

Coinciding with her departure is the promotion of Louisa Hatfield (pictured) and the announcement of four new category leaders.

Gereurd Roberts (pictured), CEO, Pacific commented: “After 12 incredible years at Pacific, Wendy Moore has decided to move on.

“Wendy has been an instrumental and invaluable part of the Pacific family, not just in building Home Beautiful to be one of Australia’s most iconic homemaker brands, but in her role as a leader and mentor to so many of our people. 

“Wendy will continue with Seven West Media through her role on Seven’s House Rules and with Pacific on select opportunities, and we wish her the best in her next chapter.”

Wendy Moore said: “For my entire time at Pacific I have been surrounded by the most talented people in the media industry, the passion of these people is what drives these amazing brands, and it’s been such an honour to be leading them for so long.

“For more than a decade I have worked with a team who have been able to deliver so much – from unveiling new digital platforms such as House To Home Beautiful and an exciting new partnership we will announce shortly, to launching new initiatives like Cooks Co-op across Pacific’s Food and Homes portfolio. It’s been my second family and I have loved every second of it.

“My time at Pacific has just been so incredibly fulfilling. On a personal note I know I will continue to keep in touch with many of the talented teams for years to come, and I am excited to see this fantastic business continue to grow.”

In announcing the new publishing structure, Roberts said: “As a business we are determined to continue our rapid growth, and as such we have announced significant new appointments across our senior management team to ensure just that.

“Louisa Hatfield has been promoted to group content and brand director, responsible for the leadership of Pacific’s editorial and marketing functions, and for the vision and strategic direction of the Pacific brands. Louisa is one of Australia’s best and most experienced media executives, and the perfect person to lead our ongoing brand expansion.

“In addition, we will also be deepening our category ownership and knowledge through the elevation of a number of talented team members from within the business. These include: Emma Nolan (head of entertainment), Susie Hogan (head of fashion & beauty), Belinda Thornton (head of homes & food) and Kathy Glavas (head of health).

“Through deep collaboration with their editors and teams, these leaders have shown the ability to drive new products, audiences and revenues in their respective categories, creating a clear leadership position in each. Reporting to Louisa, I am confident that push will continue into the future.

“With these changes not only do we have one of the most talented executive team in the industry, but one which is driven, innovative and agile enough to meet our evolving consumer and client needs. I am excited to work with them all.”

Roberts said all promotions will be effective as of March.

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