MAFS recap & ratings: Michael stirs the pot at second dinner party

• Married at First Sight returns on Sunday at 7pm on Nine and 9Now

In the 12th episode of Nine’s Married at First Sight, the nine couples entered their second dinner party – a weekly tradition in the experiment that never disappoints viewers. 

Amanda and Tash walked in separately. After another week of zero connection and no effort on Tash’s end, Amanda decided it was best they didn’t ‘fake it anymore’, therefore walking in hand-in-hand to the event was off the table.

Tash. Credit: 9Now

Hayley and David came and left strong. It’s funny to think back to last Wednesday night when notorious TV star Hayley was the centre of attention at the party, and for all the wrong reasons. After a complete 180, Hayley was on her best behaviour and actually lectured couples on how to improve their own relationships since hers is ‘so successful now’ – which didn’t really sit well with them, actually.

Michael. Credit: 9Now

After a few drinks in, it was three versus one: Steve and Michael had a screaming match which ended with Steve’s new bride Mishel teaming with Michael and Stacey. This was due to Steve publicly shutting Mishel down which utterly infuriated her – and she was already deeply upset with him.

Steve. Credit: 9Now

Michael, who waved the bait at Steve, decided one fight wasn’t enough for the evening. The second enemy he made last night was Natasha

Natasha joked with Ken and Barbie couple Michael and Stacey earlier in the evening that she and Mikey had consummated their marriage during intimacy week, and that it was the best 10 seconds of her life and she can’t wait to make it 20.

Mikey. Credit: 9Now

Michael snitched to Mikey, which left Mikey almost in tears due to his new wife’s betrayal of trust and so he walked away from the party. Michael and Natasha had their screamfest, and then Natasha and Mikey headed home separately.

Married at First Sight returns on Sunday at 7pm on Nine and 9Now.

Top photo credit: 9Now

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