MAFS recap & ratings: Honeymoons leave two couples in separate rooms

• MAFS continues Sunday night at 7.00pm on Nine

In episode four of Nine‘s Married at First Sight, the first six couples were sent away on their honeymoons as a part of the next step of the TV social experiment.  

Cathy and Josh holidayed in Victoria where they shared long kisses in their spa and then again in their bathtub. Josh admitted he is very attracted to her, and it’s obvious in the footage as he couldn’t get his hands off his new wife. Cathy revealed she gets butterflies every time they smooch – so we’re guessing she gets butterflies a lot!

Natasha and Mikey headed off to Thredbo. On their trip away, Natasha told Mikey what her average busy weeks are: botox, fillers, nails, hair, waxing, laser, facials, massages, fat freezing, teeth bleaching, and injecting melanotan before bed. High maintenance? Mikey seemed to think so. 

Awkward feelings of mismatching soon blew over, as alpha-female Natasha was delightfully surprised with how great Mikey was on the slopes and thought he looked confident, which definitely resonated with her.

Over in the Whitsundays, Tash and Amanda didn’t share a spark as Tash felt their honeymoon wasn’t romantic in the slightest. After Amanda waits an hour or so by the water for Tash, things turn sour.

They had a brutal argument where Amanda asked Tash if she’s even attracted to her at all, where Tash responded: “I don’t feel overwhelming chemistry”. Amanda tears up and walks away, saying she would like a separate hotel room. “You have no fight in you”, Amanda said to Tash.

In Hervey Bay, Vanessa was still worrying that Chris may not be attracted to her because ‘they haven’t kissed or cuddled’. He revealed to Vanessa that he is in fact attracted to her and this was music to her ears.

Poppy and Luke honeymooned in the Hunter Valley where the new bride was still emotional about being apart from her kids and cried when on the phone to her mum.

As a couple though, Poppy and Luke seemed to get along well when they shared a romantic hot air balloon ride. “We’re a strong match,” said Poppy. “The honeymoon ended on the best possible note.”

Sixth couple, Hayely and David, holidayed in Singapore. It started off well when Hayley revealed she was a drug addict for close to a decade, with David responding ‘the past is the past’. 

Things did turn sour when the Honesty Box comes out and David recalled the time when Hayley said to him “darl, your $25 an hour pay wage ain’t gonna cut it for me”. She denies the comment, and asked him if he can see himself falling in love with her, where he replied: “I’m really struggling to”. 

It got worse when he said a dealbreaker for him was smoking, and that she’d been smoking on the trip a number of times. He moved into a new hotel room and told producers “if I was handed a ticket to the airport, I would run to the airport until my feet bled”.

Honeymoons start on MAFS as show wraps its first week

• MAFS wins timeslot in all metro capitals
• MAFS ranks No. 1 metro program with all key demos
• MAFS takes out top three spots on VPM rankings
• No. 1 metro program with all People 25-54, 16-39 and GS + Child.
• No. 1 program with Total People in Sydney and Melbourne.
• Timeslot winner in all metro capitals.
• National peak audience: 1.654 million (Metro: 1.190 million / Regional: 498,000).
• National average audience: 1.345 million (Metro: 992,000 / Regional: 353,000).
• Up in metro audience on 2019 episode four:
• By 3.6% with People 25-54 (516,000 v 507,000)
• By 2.0% with People 16-39 (284,000 v 278,000)

National audiences:

• Episode 1: 1,492,000 (Metro 1,154,000 Regional 338,000)
• Episode 2: 1,412,000 (Metro 1,067,000 Regional 345,000)
• Episode 3: 1,355,000 (Metro 1,014,000 Regional 341,000)
• Episode 4: 1,345,000 (Metro 992,000 Regional 353,000)

VPM ratings for streaming and on-demand:

#1 Married At First Sight Episode 1: 242,000
#2 Married At First Sight Episode 2: 206,000
#3 Married At First Sight Episode 3: 163,000

MAFS launch audiences (metro):

• 2015: 1,143,000
• 2016: 769,000 (First series that year)
• 2016: 769,000 (Second series that year)
• 2017: 826,000
• 2018: 914,000
• 2019: 1,006,000
• 2020: 1,154,000

Married At First Sight continues Sunday night at 7pm on Nine.

Married At First Sight continues Sunday night at 7pm on Nine.

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