MAFS recap & ratings: First dinner party full to the rim with drama

• Married at First Sight continues on Sunday 16th February at 7:30pm on Nine and 9Now

With all weddings and honeymoon’s done and dusted, the eighth episode of Nine‘s Married at First Sight was centered around the first dinner party where the group dynamic begins.

The party is a weekly tradition in MAFS that is notorious for its drama and couples stirring the pot in their own relationships as well as others.

Before dinner, mum-of-two Poppy went straight to the point and started a guessing game with the women of who’s consummated their marriages over the honeymoon period. 

The heat turned up when Hayely and David entered the event solo. “Where’s your ring and where’s your wife?” someone asked David as he walked in with all eyes on him.

Hayley walks in solo to first dinner party

As everyone made themselves comfortable at the dinner table, the relationship experts played ‘peeping tom’ and watched the couples via live video footage in another room.

They pointed out the couples that seem to be swimming smoothly into the first stages of their relationships. They appeared to be Cathy and Josh, Connie and Jonethen, and Vanesssa and Chris.

Cathy and Josh told producers they think Michael and Stacey are in love. “They’re like an ice cream and an ice cream scoop – they just go together,” said Josh, while Cathy reacted to his “intelligent analogy” with a short snicker.

Hayley sat next to hubby David and playfully flirted with him saying she missed his s*** head. “Hayley wanted to play happy families,” David told producers. She made excuses for why David wasn’t wearing his ring by telling people the ring was three sizes too big.

Already deeply uncomfortable with the clear lies and strange behaviour from Hayley, things escalated further when she attempted – a number of times – to smother him with unwanted smooches while she forcefully giggled. As he pushed away from the non-consensual affection, he walked back to the dinner party scene with a scratch on his face.

Tash speaking to every woman – except Amanda

Meanwhile, there was no interaction between same-sex couple Tash and Amanda. Tash walked the room speaking intimately and intensely with every other female besides her new wife. 

Later, feathers were ruffled when real estate boy Ivan stepped in to have a chat with Hayley in regards to her behaviour. “You’re speaking words at me, not to me. You’re a c***. F*** off!” Hayley said at – not to – Ivan. 

Ivan stirring the pot further

Both equally guilty of attempting to get a rise out of the other, Ivan returned to his less than impressed wife, Aleks. “I’m in trouble, eh?”

Married at First Sight continues on Sunday 16th February at 7:30pm on Nine and 9Now.

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