MAFS recap & ratings: Experiment is too much for mum-of-two Poppy

• Married at First Sight returns tonight at 7:30pm on Nine and 9Now

In the tenth episode of Nine‘s Married at First Sight, the 10 couples commenced the next phase of the TV experiment: intimacy week. 

Living under the same roof, Hayely and David were finally sailing smooth seas by engaging in playful activities to test their intimacy levels. Who knew these two could get along again after last week’s rough patch during the honeymoon period and notorious dinner party?

Hayley and David (credit: 9Now)

Over in Tash and Amanda‘s apartment, poor communication continued to be their major fault. After Tash walked off during a heated (one-sided) argument, she moved into a different apartment. After separately speaking to their closest friends in the social experiment, they decided to seek help from John Aiken who told them “good listening comes from good speaking”.

At Connie and Jonethen‘s place, the new bride believed she was still fighting for her hubby’s attention, as his first love is his mobile phone. She decided for their first exercise during intimacy week would be writing each other letters, which definitely pushed Jonethen out of his comfort zone. 

Connie and Jonethen (credit: 9Now)

Stacey and Michael are still in their puppy love phase – or in other words, Michael is completely infatuated with his new wife. He created a ‘fun’ activity to push Stacey’s boundaries in intimacy week: forcing her to go out in public with all of her make up removed and hair styled by her goofball husband. “You’re sleeping on the couch tonight,” she said to him. I personally don’t see how this is intimate, it just sounds like a game of ‘truth or dare’. It somehow worked though, as she quietly laughed (probably mortified, even though she didn’t have to be) and told Michael he didn’t have to sleep on the couch anymore.

However, things did turn sour for the couple. Stacey told producers the next morning that Michael came home drunk that night and said horrible things to her – a repeat of the first night of their honeymoon.

Stacey (credit: 9Now)

At Poppy and Luke‘s, the new groom stayed positive and tried his best to find out who the real Poppy is. Unfortunately, Poppy was still ‘not being herself’ and couldn’t shake off the feeling of missing her baby boys. Due to this, she left the experiment which meant Luke had to leave as well.

Married at First Sight returns tonight at 7:30 pm on Nine and 9Now.


Top photo: 9Now

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