TV Guide: Love Island Australia ends over two massive nights

• Love Island received about 10,000 applications this year

Love Island Australia is coming to a close with this week’s finale set to air on Thursday, November 14 at 8:40pm and reveal this year’s winning couple – as voted by the public – where one is given the chance to share the money or walk away with it all for themselves. This year’s cast has gone through a rollercoaster of emotions with multiple re-couplings for a better chance at love and unexpected couples breaking up in front of the audience.

Following Cartier’s decision in choosing Matthew over Adam the former had to leave the villa. In the Love Island Australia finale, one Couple will win $50,000 after being voted Australia’s favourite Couple. And then the final twist will reveal whether the Islanders were in it for love or money, as one Islander decides whether to take all of the prize money and split, or split the prize money and stay with their partner.

The head of entertainment at ITV studios Majella Wiemers spoke to Mediaweek about the format of Love Island, the quick 24-hour turn-around schedule, and how this show differentiates from other dating shows in Australia.

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Love Island received about 10,000 applications this year and Wiemers said the applicants have to be in that sweet spot between 18 and 29 years old. “In the first stage of the application, we look at the photos, we get video from people, we do a national casting tour. It’s a long process, and applications are always open – so we’re even casting when we’re on-air for the next series.”

Wiemers said the producers are looking for a mix of people when casting the islanders. “When people talk about diversity they narrow it down to just diversity of race or diversity of state; but we look at race, state, background, occupation, goals, relationship history. We want to put as many people into the villa that are different and also that are a bit unexpected.”

Australian reality TV icon Sophie Monk hosted the first season, and again has hosted this season of Love Island. Wiemers said she can’t decide who she laughs more with – Love Island presenter Sophie Monk or the man behind the voice-over, Eoghan. “Sophie is the superfan. Literally, every time I see her she’s pummeling me for information, asking ‘did that really happen?’ or ‘I want to know what happened here and what happened next? I didn’t see this bit!’ And she’s hilarious. I guess that’s the other thing about the nature of ‘taking the piss’; Sophie manages to do that really well. 

The final couples are: 

• Jessie and Todd
• Anna and Josh
• Cynthia and Aaron
• Margarita and Blake
• Cartier and Matthew

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