Joel Creasey celebrates first year with Nova: ‘They took a big risk!’

Joel Creasey

Nova drive managed to keep its #1 ranking despite losing Marty Sheargold

Joel Creasy joined Nova drive 12 months ago. As with many many people, the pandemic has done weird things to Creasey’s perception of time.

“I don’t know where time is going at the moment,” he told Mediaweek on the eve of his radio anniversary. “It feels like just two hours have passed since I started in radio, but at the same time it could have been two decades.”

At the start of 2020, comedian and TV host Joel Creasey had only appeared on radio as a guest on other people’s programs. “I had really enjoyed being a guest and I had friends on all the different stations,” he replied diplomatically before we could ask him which he liked best.

“When I had a TV show I was promoting I loved to do the media rounds and judge each different breakfast show on their coffee skills.”

Before 2020 ended though he was on air alongside Nova’s Tim Blackwell and Kate Ritchie on the #1 national drive show.

Creasey wasn’t a complete stranger though to the Nova network, working for 18 months as a casanova [listed as ‘activation team member’ on CVs] when he was 18. He’s now 10 years older.

“I used to think that being on Nova breakfast must be so glamorous and I remember when the Nova drive show came to town it was so rock and roll.” [Laughs]

He had never applied for a radio role before Nova, telling Mediaweek radio wasn’t on his radar. “I was so TV focused. I had filled in here and there on radio. I’d worked some crazy hours in stand-up, but this five days a week role is a whole new world for me.”

He is thankful that Nova believed in his ability. “Giving me any gig at all takes a giant leap of faith.” [Laughs]

“They had decided to make a fresh choice for national drive radio and I was very flattered to be at the top of the list.”

Nova’s Tim Blackwell, Kate Ritchie and Joel Creasey

Joel Creasey: The new Marty

Some of the regular Nova drive audience were disappointed with the departure of Marty Sheargold last year. With nothing to distract him during lockdown after he first started, Creasey waded through the comments when they appeared on different social media platforms. “Some were brutal. They did disappear pretty quickly though and ever since people have been so supportive.

I didn’t blame people for being upset. I really enjoyed the show previously too when Marty was part of it. It was a show I would put on if I was driving. A legend like Marty deserves people to be upset when he leaves.”

As to how much his new national radio exposure has helped the Joel Creasey brand, he said it was a good question, but one that is difficult to judge as he’s been hosting pretty much in lockdown across most of the past year.

“I managed to tour a little bit, but it soon got postponed and then postponed again. My life at the moment is purely radio. But it is a job I have been so grateful to have through all of the past year.”

Even though Creasey’s main focus has been radio, being represented by Profile has meant his also had a few side hustles across the past year including his annual Eurovision gig (virtual this year) and Mardi Gras hosting. “I recently returned to Neighbours too for a larger role. It’s been great because I had my own legendary soap stars on tap each day for advice.”

Corporate work has been scarce, but he was the host of the biggest-ever showcase mounted by a streaming company in Australia – Amazon Prime Video – earlier in 2021. “I really miss the corporate work because I enjoy it. I did an online Q&A corporate gig for a make-up brand recently and that really gave the bug to return to stand-up.

“I have watched other radio hosts as they juggle their stand-up work and radio which is so impressive.” Creasey mentioned people like Hit Network’s Tommy Little and Nick Cody.

Team anniversaries: Tim celebrates two decades at Nova

While Creasey is checking off his 12 month milestone, his drive colleague Tim Blackwell is notching up 20 years with the Nova network.

For a more detailed trip down memory lane with Blackwell don’t miss Celebrating 20 years of Nova FM: Tim Blackwell remembers his radio start.

Creasey said both his Nova co-hosts couldn’t have been more divine when he arrived.

I have known Tim for a long time and what an incredible broadcaster he is. So many people told me when I signed on that I could not be with anyone better.

“Kate was also so welcoming and nurturing. At the same time they both let me find my own feet. Never were they patronising or making me feel like the new kid.”

Creasey added that he hasn’t met too many other colleagues yet because they have all been working from home.”

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