Isentia launches app for clients to access media coverage

The app is available free of charge to all of Isentia’s Mediaportal clients

Isentia has launched a new iOS and Android app for clients to access their essential news, social media coverage and trends while on the go, providing immediate response to issues and real-time insights for marketing and communications professionals. The app, available free of charge to all of Isentia’s Mediaportal clients, provides personalised notifications and media reporting capabilities anywhere and any time.


Users will be able to:

• Review and access all relevant media coverage, with new items delivered to the app straight away
• Share news stories and build PDF coverage reports to share with stakeholders
• Collaborate with other team members by commenting on articles that require action or a change in strategy
• Receive notifications throughout the day on important media coverage or comments
• Track coverage trends in the Analytics Dashboard

Chief executive of media intelligence Sean Smith said, “The Isentia mobile app will change the game in how communication professionals and senior leaders across an organisation will manage an increasingly complex 24/7 media world. All relevant coverage will be accessible through the touch of a button, and our clients will be able to personalise notifications so that they are alerted to the stories that matter most. The Isentia app will allow clients to access media intelligence on the go, anywhere at any time.”

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