Introducing Foxtel Xplore: Viewing and audience data all in one place

Foxtel Xplore

• The third event coincided with the 25th anniversary of the launch of Foxtel

In between the FTA TV Upfronts this year, Foxtel Media has been holding Showcase events, delivering messaging to advertisers about what it can offer and reminding marketers there are more options than just those offered by Nine, 10 and Seven.

Speaking at the third and final 2020 Foxtel Media Showcase event today was Foxtel Media CEO Mark Frain.

He reminded guests watching online how the first showcase highlighted what the recent content deal with WarnerMedia meant to the platform, and how the second offered a deep dive into sport on the Foxtel platform.

The third event coincided with the October 23 25th anniversary of the launch of Foxtel in 1995 and highlighted the power of the Foxtel group.

“While this year marks 25 years of delivering premium content and high-value audiences, we continue to evolve our business and lead the market in creating new ways to deliver client growth,” said Frain.

“Through the haze of the pandemic, marketers and agencies need simple, effective solutions. With less money to spend, you need to make smarter decisions. You need media that works and ads that get noticed.”

To people not yet perhaps taking full advantage of what Foxtel can offer, Frain reminded them the platform is more than the fourth line item on a TV plan and more than a TV broadcaster that also does some digital.

Frain also took a pot-shot at Seven’s Upfront the day prior and its various claims about audience size. “We are #1 for live and on-demand BVOD consumption – perhaps Seven forgot that we are a commercial player yesterday?”

Foxtel also reminded the Showcase audience about its intimate relationship with audiences.

“We have always been customer-focused, and now, we know your customers more profoundly than ever,” said Frain. “Because our iQ3 and iQ4 boxes, Go, Now, Kayo and Binge apps are collecting real-time data, we can see exactly what people are watching, every second they are watching it.”

Foxtel explained that the viewing and audience data from its platforms was now all in the one place.

Our frenemies have made big claims in this space in the last few weeks – but at the end of the day, their broadcast TV information – still the main part of their business – is reliant on panel data and inference.

“Ours are the unimpeachable second-by-second actions recorded on millions of digital set top boxes – and until smart TV’s in Australia hit critical mass, those guys will always be playing catch up.”

Introducing Foxtel Xplore

The new Foxtel Xplore data platform is the only data source in market to include both broadcast TV and streaming viewing data, from over 1.1 million iQ3/iQ4 set-top boxes and 1.2 million digital devices currently used by Foxtel Now and Foxtel Go customers.

“Foxtel Xplore is a key element in bringing the collective smarts and growing scale of the Foxtel group to advertisers, and uniting the power of all of Foxtel’s platforms into a powerful, intelligent video offering. We have unleashed the data from our 7.5 million viewers,” said Frain.

Frain said Foxtel was well ahead of the market when it launched Multiview, its panel of over 200,000 people in partnership with Quantium.

We change the game again today, launching the only connected analytical solution across broadcast television and digital – this time, with data from 2.3m digital devices. That’s 11 times more than Multiview and a ton more than the OzTAM STV panel.

“Think TV recently reinforced the power of television to drive advertising awareness and demand metrics. It has proven to deliver twice the sales impact of the next best channel.

“At Foxtel, we’ve always known our audiences are highly engaged. Our viewers pay for their subscription, so they value the content more, and more actively choose to watch.

“It’s pretty intuitive – you attach more value to the things that cost you money.

“Coupled with less advertising clutter, deeper brand integration and multiple audience access points, our argument for highly engaged audiences simply makes sense.

“We look forward to partnering with you; inspired by the abundant opportunity before us, emboldened by the collective power of the Foxtel Group, armed with connected IQ data, and confident that, on our platforms, your ads get noticed.”

Top Photo: Foxtel Media CEO Mark Frain at this week’s Foxtel Group Showcase

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