Inside Out celebrates 21st anniversary with a guide to outdoor living

Inside Out

Collector’s edition celebrates the best in modern Australian architecture and style

The Are Media magazine brand Inside Out this month is celebrating its 21st birthday. Editor Eliza O’Hare told Mediaweek it didn’t seem right to be holding a party just yet, but they have celebrated by reaching out to partners and collaborators to thank them for their contributions.

Inside Out

Back in 2000 media functions were far more common than now – pre and post-Covid. News Corp Australia, the launch publisher of Inside Out, held an event when it first announced the new title in 2000 and then another when it launched the first edition later that year.

Along the way Inside Out has had some impressive editors including Karen McCartney, the first, and now the brand’s current custodian, Eliza O’Hare.

Eliza O’Hare

For its milestone edition, the magazine doesn’t wallow in nostalgia (sadly!) but instead does what it has always been best at – celebrating the best in modern Australian architecture and style.

The front half of the birthday book is chock full of products and style ideas, some curated by O’Hare.

The back of the book is full of wonderful homes complete with detailed house plans. The furniture and fittings are also profiled with a guide to the cost and where they were sourced from.

The cover feature in the November collector’s edition is titled The Big Splash – The Good Guide to Outdoor Living – and includes a guide on how to create an outdoor cinema.

Publisher: Are Media
Editor: Eliza O’Hare
Cover price: $8.80 (NZ $9.50)
Subscription deal: $75 for 12 issues + set of two Rainbow posts valued at $77
Digital: Part of Are Media’s Homes to love portal. On Instagram @insideoutmag and Facebook @InsideOutAu
Available on Readly: Yes

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