Inside Mediaweek #1271: ASTRA Conference Special Edition

News Corp Upfront, 2UE Talking Lifestyle, Nick Chan, Hugh Marks, Universal Magazines


First Look
News Corp’s Come Together: the publisher’s annual upfront showcases new-look marketing solutions

Person Of The Week
Nick Chan, settling into the top job as CEO of Bauer Media Australia, discusses print vs digital, readership metrics

Inside Television
Mediaweek talks to NEC’s Hugh Marks, Michael Stephenson and Alex Parsons: cricket rights, streaming, 60 Minutes liabilities

ASTRA Conference Special Edition
The return of Mediaweek’s complete A-Z guide to sub-TV channels

Inside Radio
Macquarie Media COO Adam Lang discusses 2UE’s mid-September rebrand as 2UE Talking Lifestyle

Inside Publishing
Universal Magazines’ Janice Williams and Emma Perera tell why niche titles are holding up well despite the changing face of print

Photo coverage: Smallzy’s Surgery in London, launches of Zumbo’s Just Desserts and The Block, performs at Nova’s Red Room, The Edge 96.ONE’s Mike E and Emma celebrate five years

Media People
Staff movements at HuffPost Australia, News Corp Australia, Bauer Media and Australian Radio Network

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