IAB Australia announces latest instalment of measurement innovation series

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Two additional modules are slated for release in 2024.

IAB Australia has released the fourth instalment of its Marketing Measurement Innovation Series, titled “Evolution in Market Mix Modelling.” Developed by IAB Australia’s Ad Effectiveness Council, the module delves into the factors driving the increased adoption of Market Mix Modelling (MMM) and its evolution with advancements in computing power and machine learning.

MMM, a statistical analysis of aggregate sales, advertising, and marketing data, quantifies the impact of different marketing channels and tactics on financial outcomes over time.

Recent IAB industry engagements reveal a growing reliance on resilient measurement techniques, including MMM, by advertisers and agencies. This shift is attributed to factors such as Apple‘s App Tracking Transparency, the phasing out of third-party cookies, and impending changes to privacy legislation.

The Marketing Measurement Innovation Series aims to underscore the proactive approach of marketers, agencies, media owners, and vendors in adapting their measurement strategies amid signal loss challenges.

Natalie Stanbury, research director at IAB Australia, commented on the series’s goal to guide marketers and agencies in understanding that privacy-compliant measurement of marketing effectiveness is achievable.

Said Stanbury, “While measurement is often seen as a challenge, our objective is to help marketers and agencies alike understand that insightful assessment of marketing effectiveness and campaign performance can continue in a privacy compliant way.

“The series highlights real case studies and includes practical examples of how we can move marketing measurement beyond the cookie.”

The first three modules of the series covers topics such as “Mapping the Future of Marketing Measurement,” “First-party Data Unlocking Measurement Capabilities,” and “Advances in AI and Machine Learning Powering Marketing Measurement.”

Two additional modules are slated for release in 2024, focusing on “Continuing test and learn experiments,” and “Developments in ad attention measurement.”

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