How many people really have a Netflix subscription in Australia?


• The number of Netflix subscribers has never been revealed for Australia

In a special filing in the US this week, Netflix has revealed the size of its global audience for investors wishing to get a better understanding of the Netflix audience.

While Netflix didn’t break down the numbers country-by-country it did divide the world into four territories and revealed the subscriber numbers for each at the end of September 2019.

Those regions are:

United States and Canada
Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA)
Latin America (LATAM)
Asia-Pacific (APAC)

The number of Netflix subscribers has never been revealed for Australia. One reference point used by many is the regular research undertaken by Roy Morgan as part of its Roy Morgan Single Source survey. The latest data, released earlier this month, stated “Netflix remains the market leader, with 11.9 million Australians (57% of the population) now having a Netflix subscription in their household, up 15% on a year ago.”

The Morgan numbers are for the total of people in Netflix households, not the number of separate subscribers.

Last year Statista published data that estimated there were close to 3m Netflix subscribers in Australia and forecast it could grow to 3.3m by 2022.

Earlier this year a Telsyte survey estimated Netflix has around 4.9 million subscriptions in Australia.

The data released by Netflix for the APAC region confirms there are 14.48m Netflix subscribers in all those countries. If the Statista estimate is correct that means Australia is performing strongly in the region with nearly a quarter of all the APAC subscribers. The Telsyte estimate would mean Australia represents one third of APAC subs. Those other APAC countries include India, Taiwan, Philippines, South Korea, Singapore and Japan.

The Netflix subscriber numbers for the world as of September 2019 are:

US and Canada 67.11m
EMEA 47.35m
LATAM 29.38m
APAC 14.48m

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