Hootsuite and Facebook making it easier to share your brand’s content

‘Employees are often the biggest advocates of their company.’

Social media management platform Hootsuite and Workplace By Facebook have announced a partnership to make it easier for employees to share their brands’ content across social platforms.

The partnership sees the integration of of Hootsuite’s employee advocacy platform, Amplify, with Workplace by Facebook, allowing an organisation’s employees to share content quickly and easily with their connections across Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and other networks.

Hootsuite founder and CEO Ryan Holmes said: “Employees are often the biggest advocates of their company, its products, and services. This strategic partnership between Workplace by Facebook and Hootsuite to integrate Workplace and Amplify makes it easierfor employees to find and share approved content in support of their brand, helping extend the impact of their organisation’s social marketing, selling, and support programs to succeed with social.”

Facebook Director of Workplace Ecosystem Partnerships Frerk-Malte Feller said: “We’re excited to be working with Hootsuite on this integration, which will provide a complete solution for employee advocacy and engagement. Through this partnership, organisations will have the power to amplify important news and information easily and efficiently.”

Connecting to Workplace is immediately available for Amplify customers within the Hootsuite platform. More information about Workplace here. More information on Hootsuite Amplify here.

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