Radio Ratings 6 2017: Sydney – Jonesy & Amanda equal #1 FM

James Manning looks at the sixth radio ratings survey for 2017

•  Jonesy and Amanda record giant breakfast share leap to 10.3%

2GB 12.6% (0.0)

All timeslots except weekday afternoons and weekends overall were up this survey. Steve Price drove the biggest lift with evenings after 7pm (which includes an hour of Ross Greenwood until 8pm) lifting 1.2 to 19.1%. Alan Jones and Ray Hadley continue to command the biggest shares of 15.3% and 15.9% respectively.

WSFM 9.8% (+0.5)

Wow – just look at this number closing in on 10%. It has been a stellar second half of 2017 in particular for the station. Jonesy and Amanda in breakfast have proven their worth yet again with share up 1.4 to 10.3% where they are again equal #1 FM alongside their colleagues at KIIS. Afternoon has pushed 1.0 higher to 11.2%. WSFM turned up the heat 40-54 too, with share climbing 1.4 to 14.9% where it leads its closest rivals smoothfm and KIIS by over 5.0.

smoothfm 95.3 8.7% (+0.7)

Despite a climb of 0.7 this survey, the station has to be happy with a top three FM spot. Morning (+1.8 to 9.9%) and afternoon (+1.4 to 10.3%) recovered big time. The station is strongest 55-64 where it has a commanding share of 15.3% (+2.9).

KIIS 1065 8.6% (+0.2)

A slight lift in breakfast for Kyle and Jackie O with share up 0.3 to 10.3%. Drive with Hughesy and Kate dipped 0.3 this survey, but they still managed to move into #1 FM spot as Nova drive crashed. KIIS ranks #1 10-17 and 25-39. It’s also very competitive 40-54, ranking #2 behind WSFM and ahead of smoothfm.

Nova 96.9 7.2% (-0.7)

After a strong survey five, the station has eased back a little with Fitzy and Wippa down 1.2 to 6.6% ranking them #4 FM. Kate, Tim and Marty in drive were off 1.5 to 9.7%, surrendering top FM spot to KIIS, but only just. You’d want to see more of a trend before they should hand over their drive crown. Station remains #1 18-24.

104.9 Triple M 5.8% (-0.5)

Back below 6% despite The Grill Team growing its share 0.6 to 7.0%, which sees them overtake Fitzy and Wippa and only trailing ARN’s FM heavy hitters J&A and K&J. The damage was done in morning and evening which both dipped. Share jumped 4.5 to 12.0% 25-39 where station is equal #2 alongside Nova, trailing only KIIS.

104.1 2DAY FM 4.0% (+0.7)

Disappointing result this deep into the year with Em and Harley now outperforming only 2CH and Sky Sports breakfast shows. Marketing spend not helping yet. All slots under pressure and even the departing Hamish and Andy couldn’t stop drive slumping 1.6 to 5.2%. They were off air for part of survey too. Despite all that 2Day remains #2 18-24.

TalkingLifeStyle954 3.7% (+0.3)

Slightly better survey with John and Garry lifting breakfast 0.2 to 3.7% while Trevor Long helped lift evening share 0.8 to 3.4%.

2CH 1170 3.2% (-0.1)

Quick glance indicates steady as she goes. But key slots moved noticeably, with breakfast down 0.8 to 2.3% and drive up 0.5 to 2.3%.

Sky Sports Radio 1.2% (+0.2)

Bring on the Spring Racing Carnival where this format will shine. Slats and TK saw breakfast lift 0.5 to 1.9%. Now just 0.4 behind 2CH breakfast! Weekend share up 0.2 to 1.7%.

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