GfK’s latest Radio Insights report highlights how the medium engages audiences

The research highlights radio’s strength in influencing and engaging consumers

GfK’s latest Radio Insights research reports radio is a multiplatform media that successfully engages audiences through an integrated offering of websites, social media, apps, podcast and live events, with 63% of radio listeners engaging with radio, outside of traditional radio listening.

The research highlights radio’s strength in influencing and engaging consumers, and shows radio’s success in building social media and digital platforms.

Radio Insights highlights:

Radio’s online platforms have a positive effect with one in four people spending more time listening to radio after engaging with a radio social media page and almost a quarter of people said their trust in the radio station had increased because of interacting with the radio social media page.

The research indicated the primary driver for engagement with radio’s integrated platforms, was to keep current and 52% said they used these platforms to keep up to date with national and local news.

“This Radio Insights research reinforces the Radio Alive rebrand showing advertisers how radio develops strong connections with Australians through its social media interaction and provides additional ways to engage with radio listeners outside a traditional radio ad,” said Joan Warner, chief executive officer of industry body Commercial Radio Australia.

Dr Morten Boyer, General Manager of GfK Media, said: “Radio listeners don’t just consume radio content – they form strong relationships with their favourite stations and announcers. This is why they are keen to engage with radio across a variety of platforms, as evidenced by this latest Radio Insights release”.

Further details available at Radio Alive here.

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