Game of Thrones and Stranger Things enter the Guinness World Records

Stranger Things has been identified as the most in-demand digital original series in the world in 2017.

HBO’s Game of Thrones was the most in-demand show in the world in 2017, according to Parrot Analytics. The big data TV analytics firm, specialising in audience demand measurement worldwide, has partnered with Guinness World Records to identify the most in-demand TV series and digital original series in the world.

Parrot Analytics’ global, real-time, platform-agnostic TV demand measurement system was used to determine the demand of shows in 2017.

Game of Thrones has been designated by Guinness World Records as “Officially Amazing”. Meanwhile, Netflix’s paranormal thriller Stranger Things has been identified as the most in-demand digital original series in the world in 2017.

The two series are included in the Guinness World Records 2019 edition, which will be available for purchase in book stores and online on September 6, 2018.

“It is an honour to work with the venerable Guinness World Records,” said Wared Seger, CEO, Parrot Analytics. “We were delighted that the Guinness World Records team chose to work with us to determine the most in-demand TV shows in the world and that they saw the value in relying on the industry’s established global cross-platform TV demand metric to gain a truly holistic and empirical view of what is resonating with viewers worldwide.”

Parrot Analytics captures billions of data points daily from a variety of data sources, tracing interactions the company refers to as “Demand Expressions” from the likes of social media, video streaming, photo sharing, blogging or microblogging, fan and critic ratings, file sharing and more. Filtering and weighing all these audience expressions of demand, Parrot Analytics combines viewership, activity and engagement into a single, country-specific measure of audience demand for content. Mediaweek runs the Parrot Analytics demand charts every week. To keep up with what’s popular in Australia and New Zealand, subscribe to the Mediaweek Morning Report here.

“Parrot Analytics is taking our methodology of gauging record-breaking designations to a whole new level,” said Guinness World Records editor-in-chief Craig Glenday. “Its audience demand measurement system goes far beyond the days of surveys and questionnaires and utilises big data and AI to look at the numerous ways consumers express their demand for content. This year, by adding the category for digital originals, we will really get an idea of how much the world’s video consumption has changed.”

The 2019 Guinness World Records is available for purchase in 22 languages around the world.

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