Easter listening: Mediaweek’s Good Podcast Guide

• Easter listening guide…Mediaweek and beyond

There is a seemingly endless stream of podcasts being released every day. Here are some of my picks for the extra long weekend.

The list includes the latest Mediaweek releases and a list of current favourites.


After a quiet start to the year, Mediaweek has been busy in the studio this month and our latest two podcasts are with visiting BBC executives. Listen to the Mediaweek podcasts online here, or subscribe here.

Jackie Lee-Joe, Chief Marketing Officer, BBC Worldwide

Marketing masterclass: Jackie Lee-Joe, chief marketing officer, BBC Worldwide

Returning to her homeland for a short visit, Jackie Lee-Joe talks to Mediaweek’s James Manning about how the soon-to-be-rebranded BBC Worldwide is adapting to the changing landscape, using it as an opportunity to build its brands, audiences, commercial returns and reputation. Our interview covers the BBC’s natural history brand BBC Earth (the home of Blue Planet) and how partnerships with Snap, Facebook messenger, Google Earth, Ten Cent and others have been important. Jackie also talks about her career in Australia before heading to the UK.

Chris Davies, Marketing and Distribution Director, BBC Global News

An interesting discussion about how the news brand commercialises its product outside of the UK. Topics touched on include the multiplatfom BBC news offering and how big global events from the Trump election to the forthcoming royal wedding attract audiences and commercial partners. Is TV news one of the linear TV products not feeling the winds of change and how has “fake news” affected the BBC News brands?

Also new this month from Mediaweek:

• Nova Brisbane’s Susie O’Neill on Ash, Kip & Luttsy & Comm Games
• Two new Manning & Mercado podcasts with lots of Easter listening tips
• And don’t forget the series with Nova Entertainment – In Her Own Words: One-on-one interviews with Cath O’Connor, Claire Marshall, Melissa Doyle, Kate Murphy, Chrissie Swan, Tamie Williams, Jennifer Hansen and Nat Locke.

The Good Podcast Guide

Highly recommended podcasts for your listening pleasure.


Relax everybody – it’s Wil Anderson and his good friend and actor Charlie Clausen. The laughs start with the intro from John Deeks and continue through what is generally an hour of very casual conversation across myriad topics, personal and revealing anecdotes and bizarre hypothetical situations. Now part of the Planet Broadcasting network of programs.

Howie Games

The very busy sports reporter and host for radio and TV Mark Howard is at home in most sports and he gets to display his passion and knowledge in this impressive podcast. There are now close to 50 different sports legends on this PodcastOne series with world champion F1 driver Lewis Hamilton the latest to grant Howie podcast time.

Woman’s Day Uncensored

One of the newest podcasts on our list comes from a brand you may not expect a podcast from – Woman’s Day. However, the team at the Bauer weekly – lifestyle director Kristie Lau, editor-in-chief Fiona Connolly and associate editor Phil Koch – deliver an entertaining summary of the week’s news and go behind some of their stories. Of particular interest this week were the insights they offered on disgraced cricketer David Warner with whom the magazine has worked with on a number of stories. Although Warner is the big drawcard, listeners got to hear about Bachelor In Paradise first. Phil Koch keeps it real when he says, “I’d rather eat my own sick than watch The Bachelor,” and he admitted he lasted just seven minutes of the spinoff. The trio get around to David Warner halfway through the podcast.

The new Bauer Media podcast is part of a partnership with Whooshkaa that also sees the release of a Take 5 podcast.

The Sounding Board

Crocmedia dabbled in podcasting with great success with this behind-the-scenes look at the sporting media with Damian Barrett and Craig Hutchison. They are already into season three and Barrett seems justifiably concerned that Hutchy might not be as candid as he once was now he is the CEO of a public company. It’s still a must-listen for sports fans, as is Hutchy’s Saturday morning radio show Off The Bench with Dr Turf and Liam Pickering. It is also available as a podcast.


Tech guru Trevor Long changed the format of his Your Tech Life podcast dramatically last year from a solo tech guide to a rollicking hour of hilarity with his friends and website colleagues ‎Chris Bowen and ‎Geoff Quattromani. The podcast was simply rebranded EFTM and is proudly un-PC at times.

Don’t Shoot The Messenger

Amongst the expanding Crocmedia podcast catalogue is arguably the best they produce, and one of the most polished products available from any media company – Don’t Shoot The Messenger. Hosts and former colleagues at The Age and great friends Corrie Perkin and Caroline Wilson seamlessly merge the worlds of sport and the arts with a bit of cooking every week in this must-listen podcast. Don’t miss their special edition with Mike Sheahan and don’t be surprised if an enterprising broadcaster tries to get them together on air regularly.

Hamish & Andy

With their recent retirement from radio, the drive radio legends continue to serve their global fan base with this new podcast series. It’s on the PodcastOne platform and doing great business judging by its regular ranking at or near the top of the iTunes podcast chart.


We did have a rule that no radio show podcasts would be allowed on this list, but we have broken that rule straight away by putting this new 1116 SEN morning show on the list. Getting to hear Gerard Whateley for three hours in the morning is challenging for many trying to hold down a day job! So this is the perfect way to catch up on what he’s up to. Whateley and his EP Jay Mueller have done excellent work covering the cricket cheating scandal including going on air on the Sunday the news broke.

Two Guys One Cup

Featuring two podcasts from the prolific Wil Anderson/Charlie Clausen podcast factory might seem excessive, but for AFL fans this is a fun listen if you can manage it between the time they publish and the next round of AFL games each week.

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