Excruciating waits and “intense” kitchen environment: Interview with Dessert Masters’ Morgan Hipworth

Morgan Hipworth. Ten

“It’s a lot of anxiety and a lot of stress”

Morgan Hipworth became the second contestant eliminated from Dessert Masters on November 19, an experience he claims left him with newfound “respect” for the home cooks that participate in MasterChef Australia.

Speaking to Mediaweek following his elimination, the 22-year-old described the scene in the coveted kitchen as “intense.” In particular, he recalled the gruelling wait contestants must endure between the bake and the final verdict, which can take up to six hours.

It was a memory Hipsworth found so stressful that he avoided watching his Dessert Masters episodes in fear of reliving it.

“It’s a lot of anxiety and a lot of stress after the cook. Until you hear the verdict it’s probably a good five or six hours, so it’s a long time of waiting,” he said. “Seeing each contestant going in and filming their tasting and waiting for yours. It’s definitely very, very stressful, to say the least!”

Morgan Hipsworth on Dessert Masters 2023. Ten

Morgan Hipsworth on Dessert Masters 2023. Ten

Describing the differences between serving as a judge versus donning the apron to bake, Hipworth used Adriano Zumbo as a prime example of just how challenging it can be for a competitor, the “nature of” which is captured by the pressured environment in the Dessert Master kitchen.

“Unless you’ve done it before, like someone like Reynold [Poernomo] and Jess [Liemantara], you don’t know what to expect.

“We’ve got some amazing people with some amazing experience – and much, much more experience than I have – and they’re struggling and they’re making mistakes and things are going wrong.”

“It all comes down to the individual cook that you have on the day and that kitchen can really bring out a whole other side of someone or it can bring out their weaknesses. I think it just goes to show that anyone can be at the bottom.”

Morgan Hipworth with the cast of Dessert Masters 2023. Ten

Morgan Hipworth with the cast of Dessert Masters 2023. Ten

Reflecting then on what amateur MasterChef contestants must face, Hispworth commented, “To not have much experience in a commercial setting, you’re putting yourself into a very interesting situation, and a very intense situation.

“So, I have a lot of respect for them just to be able to hold their own because they must love food, they must love cooking.”

The renowned “doughnut kid,” who has set challenges on MasterChef himself, continued: “I think that anyone from the general public who goes on that show, and especially if they perform, I take my hat off to them, that’s for sure.”

Dessert Masters 2023 continues at 7.30 pm, Sunday – Tuesday on 10 and 10Play.

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