Contemporary art magazine leaves nextmedia for a new home

• Art Almanac is the ‘bible’ of the Australian visual arts and craft sector.

One of Australia’s leading and oldest contemporary art magazines has a new home, joining Artist Profile magazine and Art Investor at Artist Profile.

Publisher John Feitelson has announced that Art Almanac will be given the opportunity to create a new direction for this important and much-loved art publication.

“This acquisition is a significant magazine for our company with over 46 years of service to national visual arts and crafts ecology,” said Feitelson.

Arek Widawski, managing director of nextmedia, commented, “After nine years at nextmedia, we are delighted that Art Almanac has the right home for the magazine to keep growing.”

The Artist Profile directors, under the guidance of the company’s managing director Kon Gouriotis, acquired Art Almanac to build an art directory which will take audiences to the diverse and dynamic visual arts and crafts community in all its forms. Art Almanac will move into Artist Profile’s new Sydney studio before the new year.

Art Almanac is the ‘bible’ of the Australian visual arts and craft sector. For nearly five decades the publication has helped to grow the sector and its audience. Today it is available digitally, in every gallery, museum and newsagency throughout Australia. “We are very honoured to welcome Art Almanac and its staff into our company,” said Feitelson.

“We are also delighted to offer the position of editor of Art Almanac to Melissa Pesa. Melissa is passionate about Art Almanac and the arts community. She is the right person to lead Art Almanac into an exciting new direction,” remarked Gouriotis.

Art Almanac enters into a new era – one that will continue to celebrate, inform and support the Australian arts community whilst building on the achievements of recent editors: Owen Craven, Annie Sebel, and Chloe Mandryk. I am honoured to follow in their footsteps and to have the opportunity to lead Art Almanac from strength to strength in its newfound home,” said Pesa.

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