Chattr surpasses 629k users in March

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The entertainment site has reached over 1.14 million users in 2024

Chattr, Australia’s fastest-growing entertainment news website, attracted 629k users in March, with the growth amounting to a 69% increase over February.

Part of the Mediaweek Group, the publication was launched in 2023 to provide exclusive and original entertainment news to consumers, growing from 10,000 to 629,000 users in 14 months.

In 2023, the site attracted a total of 547,714 users. In Q1 2024 alone, the website has reached 1.14 million users, establishing itself as the go-to for TV and streaming audiences around the country. 

“The strength of Chattr’s growth in March only cements the fact that Australians continue to be hungry for entertainment and we are proud to lead that narrative,” said Chattr editor Anita Anabel.

“Chattr’s success is owed, in large part, to the tremendous efforts of journalist Danica Baker and the wider team’s ongoing commitment to providing content for a growing audience. We cannot wait to see what the next quarter brings.”

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