Mediaweek’s entertainment brand Chattr launches celebrity interview podcast

the entertainment hotline

The podcast has been created for fans of TV, streaming, film, and content creation

Mediaweek’s entertainment brand, Chattr, has launched the new original podcast, The Entertainment Hotline. Hosted by the company’s Head of Entertainment, Anita Anabel, the series will feature celebrity interviews from all facets of the entertainment industry.

Each week, stars will drop in (or dial in) to discuss their latest projects, share behind-the-scenes stories, and give a glimpse into who they are as people.

The Entertainment Hotline has been created for fans of TV, streaming, film, and content creation and is aimed at providing an accessory to the content audiences love. Alongside the listening element, they can also view a video series on Instagram and Tiktok — biteable and shareable content to enhance the user experience.

Anita Anabel, Head of Entertainment and host of The Entertainment Hotline, said: “I’m so excited to bring this new podcast to life. It incorporates my passion for all things entertainment and the stories behind the talent we all know and love. 

“In 2023, people are thirsty for more than what they’re just seeing on the screen. They want to be able to consume content and then find out as much information as they possibly can, so I’m thrilled to be giving them more of what they’re craving.” 

The first episode features Paramount+ The Last King of the Cross stars Lincoln Younes and Claude Jabbour who gave Anabel insight into life on set, discussed the importance of physical exercise and mental health, and revealed what made them most nostalgic about the iconic Sydney suburb.

The Entertainment Hotline with Anita Anabel has been produced by ProPodcast and will drop weekly on Wednesdays at 5am.

Listen to The Entertainment Hotline with Anita Anabel here.

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