Entertainment site Chattr passes 440,000 users in February

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The entertainment news site has appointed Anita Anabel as editor.

Chattr, Australia’s fastest-growing entertainment news website, attracted 440,000 users in February this year. The growth amounts to a 310% increase over January and a 9100% surge year-on-year.

The publication, which is part of the Mediaweek Group, was launched in 2023 to provide exclusive and original entertainment news to consumers.  It has grown users from 10,000 to 440,000 in 13 months.

In a bid to further propel the growth, Chattr has appointed Anita Anabel as editor. Anabel, who was previously the head of entertainment across Chattr and Mediaweek, will now assume the Chattr position full-time with a remit to continue to bolster the site’s original content as it grows its commercial opportunities.

Anabel will continue to work with the Chattr team which includes journalist Danica Baker, group managing editor Danielle Long and publisher Trent Thomas. Commercial opportunities will be managed by chief revenue officer, Andrew Mulready, and chief growth officer, Ricky Chanana

Trent Thomas, publisher and managing director of Chattr and Mediaweek, said, “The results that the team has achieved so far have been phenomenal, but it is only the beginning. As we continue to invest in Chattr we expect it will continue to grow stronger and maintain its current growth trajectory.” 

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