Brisbane Radio Ratings: GfK Survey 6

• Brisbane: Hit 105 back in the game, but Nova still untouchable

• Brisbane: Hit 105 back in the game, but Nova still untouchable
• Breakfast with Stav, Abby & Matt the big mover at Hit 105

Biggest movers

UP: Hit 105 +1.5
DOWN: 97.3FM -0.9

Nova 106.9 12.8% (12.5%): The station has recorded its best share in the past 18 months as both the station and breakfast remain well clear of the competition. Breakfast with Ash, Kip, Luttsy and Susie was steady on 12.7%, its second best result this year. The market can’t get enough of Kate, Tim and Marty where their drive share is up 1.1 to 17.0%.

Hit 105 10.9% (9.4%): The station has jumped from #4 to #2 off the back of a strong result. Also leap-frogging both Triple M and 97.3 is Hit 105 breakfast where Stav, Abby and Matt have pushed share up 1.7 to 11.2%. After trailing the market leader by 3.2 in survey 5, they are just 1.5 behind Nova in second place. All other dayparts did some heavy lifting too with afternoon and evening each up 1.8. Share 18-24 exploded from 13.9% to 20.4% with Hit 105 overtaking Nova.

97.3 FM 11.3% (12.2%): After a significant turnaround in survey 5, the station has handed back some of the growth. Breakfast with Bianca, Mike and Bob was down 0.8 to 10.3%, but it is still well above the results in the first four surveys of this year.

104.5 Triple M 11.0% (10.8%): Been a fair bit going on at and around the station with the departure of Robin Baily, the subsequent passing of her partner Sean Pickwell and the arrival of Margaux Parker to replace Robin. Despite growth overall, breakfast trended down from 11.2% to 10.2%. Morning, afternoon and evening were all up. The station continues to rank a clear #1 in morning and afternoon.

4KQ 7.6% (8.7%): After a sensational 10.5% in survey four, this is the second successive down book. Breakfast with Laurel, Gary and Mark managed to buck that trend with share up 0.2 to 8.5%.

4BC 5.9% (6.7%): After starting the year on 5.5%, share grew steadily to 7.8% in survey 4 and now seems to be making the journey back down with 5.9% the second lowest number this year. Breakfast was down 0.5 to 7.0%, which is also Alan Jones’ second smallest share in this market this year.

Macquarie Sports 882 1.5% (1.5%): With Nine taking control of the licence very shortly it will be fascinating to see their plan. This remains the equal best share in 12 months, but it’s hardly a number to build a brand on.

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