Box Office: Despite Tom Cruise, lowest weekend gross in over three years

Tom Cruise’s American Made the bright spot on slowest weekend in over three years

American Made

The US box office had a shocker on the weekend and things weren’t much better in Australia. The top 20 gross of $7.88m was the lowest we’ve seen for a a long time and there was just one movie that managed gross more than $1m. The last time the weekend box office was under $8m was over three years ago in March 2014 when the gross was just $7.5m.

#1 American Made $2.13m

Thank goodness for Tom Cruise – and producers Brian Grazer and Ron Howard. They were key elements in the creative team behind this biographical crime drama based on the real life of a pilot who became a drug smuggler who later became an informant to avoid jail time. This was the one financial bright spot on the weekend with a screen average of $5,958 from 211 screens.

#2 Annabelle: Creation $911,000

The horror film is just short of $6m after three weekends. It is still on just over 200 screens with a screen average of $4,277.

#3 Dunkirk $664,000

After six weekends the movie holds in the top five. It lost 27 screens on the weekend to 274 with a screen average of $2,425. Total gross to-date is $21.72m.

#4 The Dark Tower $587,000

Stephen King‘s sci-fi western dipped 56% from its opening weekend with a screen average of $2,184 from its 269 screens.

#5 Hampstead $500,000

The second weekend from the Britcom starring Diane Keaton was down 32% with a screen average of $2,132 from its 235 screens.


Outside of the top five, the screening of the Mayweather v McGregor fight in cinemas earned $433,000 from 69 screens with a screen average of $6,200.

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