BMF takes the lead on Tennis Australia’s creative and strategy


“We’re incredibly excited to continue to build tennis participation and connect the brand with audiences”

BMF has been appointed as the creative lead and strategic agency of record for Tennis Australia, following a competitive pitch process.

As part of the new partnership, BMF will lead Tennis Australia’s marketing strategy and creative for both key sporting events – including the Australian Open and United Cup – as well as drive participation via Tennis Australia’s key products, including Hot Shots, Cardio and beyond.

Building on the great success of events across the summer, BMF will continue the growth of tennis in Australia as one of the top participating sports.

Steve McArdle, BMF CEO, said: “Tennis is one of the most iconic sports not just across the globe, but particularly in Australia. With a strong presence in both culture and the sporting community, we’re incredibly excited to continue to build tennis participation and connect the brand with audiences both locally and globally.”

Cedric Cornelis, Tennis Australia’s chief commercial officer, said: “We are delighted to announce our new partnership with BMF and we look forward to working together to further enhance the appeal of tennis which is ingrained into the Australian way of life.”

“Whether it’s picking up a racquet, buying a ticket to an event or engaging with tennis online, we look forward to building even deeper connections to our audiences in ways that are innovative and memorable.”

This win comes after BMF and Orchard, have announced their appointments to the creative and digital account of Clear Skincare, following a competitive pitch process, earlier this year.
As the first appointment of the skin, cosmetic injecting, and laser hair removal clinic, the creative and digital agencies will oversee the development and launch of a new brand platform.
Wai Kwok
, CEO of Orchard, said: “Partnering with Clear Skincare gives us the opportunity to create value through meaningful connected experiences. And we’re excited to partner Clear Skincare and BMF to create genuine value and growth through a mix of digital platforms, content, and social outreach to further differentiate the brand.
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