The Australian gives subscribers free Wall Street Journal access

The digital subscription for The Wall Street Journal has a value of around $5 a week

Subscribers to News Corp’s The Australian got a pleasant surprise yesterday with an email that lobbed into their inboxes:

“We are writing to let you know as part of your subscription to The Australian you can now have full digital access to The Wall Street Journal. Enjoy access to, WSJ tablet edition, WSJ phone app and ePaper. This is included, at no extra cost to you.”

The digital subscription for The Wall Street Journal has a value of around $5 a week.

The Australian chief executive officer Nicholas Gray said: “I’m proud to be announcing such significant added value for our members. To give them unlimited access to a respected publication with more than 125 years of reporting and award-winning international journalism obviously complements the market-leading coverage they have access to via The Australian perfectly. It ensures our members receive the best, most thought-provoking and credible reporting in the world.”

Nicholas Gray

Nicholas Gray

“We’re delighted to introduce The Wall Street Journal to The Australian’s sophisticated audience,” said Jonathan Wright, MD international, Dow Jones. “As the definitive global source for business, political, finance, economic, and technology news, The Journal delivers essential access to US and world news providing an ideal companion to local titles such as The Australian with its essential domestic coverage. We look forward to exploring a number of mutually beneficial opportunities to collaborate on.”

The Australian editor-in-chief Paul Whittaker said: ”The addition to our subscription offer is especially timely and relevant, given the upcoming Republican and Democratic conventions and the Presidential election in America. Not only will our members receive the context and insight they expect from our coverage, led by foreign editor Greg Sheridan, they will now have unrivalled analysis and reporting of the US election via The Wall Street Journal. No other news outlet can provide such comprehensive coverage of the weeks and months to come.”

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