Australian Survivor Episode 23: Luke Toki defeated in shock vote

• Hearts break across Australia (for some), Mia, Harry and Badan final 3

In a gut-wrenching Tribal Council, the people’s Champion, Luke Toki, was voted out of the game.

As the first returning player to Australian Survivor, Luke spent the morning celebrating Day 47 in camp, a new personal best.

At the penultimate Immunity Challenge, the remaining tribe had their timing, concentration and stamina put to the ultimate test.

Each player had to drop a ball at the top of a maze and catch it at the bottom before it hit the ground. At regular intervals, each player had to add another ball until they had four balls rolling at the same time.

When it was time to add the fourth ball, Luke miscalculated and couldn’t recover. Sprinting at full pace, he dove for the ball and fell, collapsing in tears on the sand.

In a tension-filled conclusion to the challenge, Harry and Baden battled it out and for the first time, Harry won Individual Immunity, guaranteeing him a spot in the final three in tomorrow’s finale.

As the tribe returned to camp, Luke knew he was the biggest threat in the game and the obvious choice to vote out at Tribal Council. But he wasn’t going to give up without a fight.

In an emotional scene on the beach, Luke asked Pia to vote with him for Baden, which would force a tie so the two could battle it out in a fire challenge. Pia was genuinely conflicted and left to decide whether she would vote with her head or her heart.

At Tribal Council, Luke gave a heartfelt pitch to the tribe for a second chance but in the end, Pia, Harry and Baden all voted for Luke and he became the 21st person voted out of the game.

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